Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


1 Gunners shoot it off

5 Terence of _Priscilla_

10 "There Is Nothing Like a ___"

14 At no time, in poems

15 Moore costar

16 Ready for press

17 _Julius Caesar_ costume

18 Wonder Woman accessory

19 French composer …douard

20 Start of a Hannah Gadsby quote, after she said that she doesn't hate males

22 More of the quote

24 Looker's leg

25 Way off

26 Where to stick your tool

28 Dick Button's milieu

31 Kelly once of _All My Children_

34 Batman and Robin, et al.

35 More of the quote

37 Like Cockney's pubes?

39 The Buckeyes, for short

40 Be expelled from a basketball game

42 Peeples of _Fame_

43 Financial

45 Horseman that sticks it in you

47 More of the quote

51 Bentley of _American Beauty_

52 Prepare to drag

53 A.M.A. members

54 Word with donna

56 Home st. of Harper Lee

57 Physical therapy, briefly

60 End of the quote

63 Tied, as a score

64 O'Connor of _Xena_

65 Fruit center

66 Wagon train's direction

67 Bedroom arouser

68 "___ off?"



1 Start to climax

2 Sneaky Pie cry

3 Patti Page's "Let ___, Lover!"

4 Fruits with navels, maybe

5 Witch hunt town

6 Peter or Paul but not Mary

7 T or F, on exams

8 Drag queen's material, maybe

9 Scoppettone novel evidence

10 Comic Lea

11 Man not made by breeders

12 Kunis of _Black Swan_

13 Alfred Douglas' school

21 Sonny, to Chaz

23 General activity

26 Bright, in book credits

27 Desperate women in a series

28 Letters for debtors

29 ___-de-sac

30 Rock trigram

32 One that is often penetrated

33 Moon of Uranus

34 Remove from the head

35 Fairy tale huffer

36 As it should be

38 Stat exaggeration?

40 King of Lawrence's land

41 Cheap and gaudy

44 Like mild weather

46 Product with three heads

48 The "T" in IGLTA

49 _All's Well That Ends Well_ heroine

50 Artful dodger

54 Response to the SCOTUS transgender ruling

55 _Spamalot_ review, perhaps

58 Popular '60s hairstyle

59 Queer ___ (fruity beverage)

61 Lyricist Gershwin

62 Calculator button


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