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Wear black Jan. 20

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Dear BTL,
As we all know, George Bush was elected President in the 2004 elections. Whether he won fairly or not, he is going to be inaugurated on January 20.
This is an occasion for mourning.
Bush seems to think that he has a mandate. He arrogantly thinks he can do whatever he wants. I would like him to see just how many people are not in agreement with his policies or his presidency. As a way to demonstrate that, I would like everyone who voted for someone other than Bush to wear black on inauguration day.
In order for that to happen, people need to know about this effort. If you agree that Bush needs to have a visible sign of how many people disagree with him and his ill-conceived policies, please tell everyone you know that would also like to demonstrate their feeling toward this tragic presidency.
Carlos T Mock, MD
Chicago, IL

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