D'Anne Witkowski

D'Anne Witkowski is a writer living in Michigan with her wife and son. She has been writing about LGBTQ+ politics for nearly two decades. Follow her on Twitter @MamaDWitkowski.

Wisconsin Gov. Says 'Nope' to Republican Gender-Affirming Care Ban Attempt

I am gutted by the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians right now. I’m no foreign policy expert, but I do know that nothing good can come from one group of people not seeing another group of people as human.Needless to say, the routine [...]

Ramaswamy and Pence Get Naked on Debate Stage (About How Much They Hate Trans People)

I care about my well-being. And so I did not watch the second GOP presidential debate (or the first one). But because I only care about my well-being so much, I did read about it. And wow, what a horrifying parade of ineptitude, fascist aspirations, [...]

GOP to County: Let Us Hurt Transgender People or We’re Shutting This Whole Thing Down

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question on everyone’s mind in the U.S. as we watch “The Bachelor…” Oh, wait. My bad. As we watch to see whether or not extremist Republicans will shut down the federal [...]

Republican Congresswoman Acts a Groping, Vaping Fool in Public. Blames Democrats.

My wife and I went to the movies recently and managed not to grope each other.

Parental Rights Groups Somehow Not Concerned About the Rights of Parents Like Me

Good morning! Or whatever time of the day you’re reading this. I happen to be writing this in the morning as my son, who is in high school, gets ready for the day. I remember prior to being a parent, I dreaded a future that included getting a [...]

Leader of Anti-Equality Org Thinks Republicans Are Too Cozy with the Queers

"I mean, there are a lot of reasons to go after Republicans. But being too liberal isn’t one of them."

Trump Dumps Mug Shot Merch That People Will Pay Money for Because They Are Awful

There are a lot of people celebrating disgraced former president Donald Trump’s arrest, complete with mug shot. 

I Just Called to Say ‘Tread Lightly, B-tch,’ and I Mean It From the Bottom of My Heart

I just learned that there will not be a second season of “A League of Their Own,” and that is a big bummer. Abbi Jacobson is a goddess and a genius and a star and this is an outrage.To be clear, I do not blame the striking Hollywood [...]

Misogynists Come Out of the Woodwork to Stand up for Women Like the Heroes They Aren’t

Hot take: Ronnie Radke is a joke and Falling In Reverse sucks.Actually, I take that back. I would hate to have my calling Radke “a joke” give anyone the mistaken impression that he is in any way humorous. He is not. Also saying that [...]

Beauty and Grace Can Be a Death Sentence in a Culture Steeped in Toxic Masculinity

When I was in high school my twin sister and our friends and I liked to "parking lot dance party" - and, yes, I am using that entire phrase as a verb because we didn't GO to parking lot dance parties. We created them. The rules were silly and simple. [...]

Nick Fuentes: Real Men Don't Have Sex, They Have Hobbies

Sex is gay, y'all. I know this because Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist and antisemite podcaster who once had a totally normal dinner with Kanye West and Donald Trump, told me so.And I have to admit. After hearing his explanation, I have many [...]

Right-Wingers Wrestle With "Barbie" Movie's 'Woke' Propaganda

When my twin sister and I were in the third grade, a large, wrapped present sat under our grandma's Christmas tree for at least a week before Christmas. My mom told us that the gift was a vacuum for our grandma and we did not question it. But when [...]