Lawrence Ferber

NY-raised entertainment and travel journalist Lawrence Ferber has contributed to publications including Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, The Advocate, NewNowNext, The NY Post and TripSavvy. He also co-wrote/co-created the 2010 gay romcom "BearCity" and authored its 2013 novelization.

Sense and Sensitivity: Cavetown Talks New Projects, His Musical Evolution and War on Trans People

As YouTube, social media, and self-released music platform Bandcamp grew in popularity, musicians could create music and garner followings from their own bedrooms: hence “bedroom pop” was born, and so was the career of UK-born, [...]

Coming Out Colton' Bares Not All But A Lot. And What's Up With That Ridiculous Montage?

When former star of "The Bachelor" and pro football player Colton Underwood came out on a "Good Morning America" interview in April 2021, there was one question interviewer Robin Roberts didn't ask: What's your type? Fortunately, fellow out athlete [...]

5 AIDS-Related Must-Read Biographies

Peter Staley's "Never Silent" isn't the only outstanding memoir or biography by those who endured the worst years of the AIDS crisis (Sarah Schulman's mammoth 736-page "Let The Record Show," also released this year, is built around 200 interviews [...]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: AIDS Activist Peter Staley on His Memoir 'Never Silent' and Friend Dr. Fauci

A key member of AIDS activist group ACT UP and a named plaintiff in the ongoing lawsuit against Gilead and other pharma companies for illegally extending the patent of PrEP and HIV medication tenofovir, Peter Staley will tell you that his life is an [...]

John Grant's 'Boy From Michigan' LP Is His Most Personal Album Yet. And One Of Its Biggest Fans Is Elton John.

You won't find musician John Grant's new autobiography on the bookstore shelves or via ebook platforms. It's not that kind of autobiography. Instead, Grant's memoir, "Boy From Michigan," is a purely audio experience. A melodic, synth-soaked affair [...]

Deaf Is Beautiful: Genderqueer Artist-Author Chella Man Wrote His New Book 'Continuum' During the Pandemic

It's hard enough finding a role model and road map for life as a marginalized individual. Chella Man already knows this, of course. The artist, actor, model and activist is deaf, genderqueer, Jewish, half-Chinese and pansexual. Yet the [...]

Getting Back Out Into the World Safely: Must-Know Advice For LGBTQ+ Travelers

As travel rebounds and some international borders open to US residents — especially, or exclusively, if you're fully vaccinated — you'll need to pack more than a suitcase to ensure safe trips during the pandemic's latter days, and far beyond. After [...]

Watch Your Aüçëüçë: The Deadly STI You May Already Have and Can Do Something About

A 35-year-old working in film production, Geoff Moore had a pretty good sex life with his boyfriend. In fact, you could call it vigorous. Sometimes even exhausting. So when they both noticed fleshy bumps around and inside Moore's anus, they assumed [...]

He Meets Them on Grindr. Then What? Well, It's Not Quite What You'd Expect.

A couple of blocks east from Manhattan's Empire State Building in the neighborhood known as Murray Hill, 25-year-old Taiwan-born photographer Hsiang-Hsi Lu fires off a Grindr message. "He's Taiwanese!" Lu remarks with a tinge of pleasant surprise [...]