Nayanika Guha

Nayanika Guha is a freelance writer who focuses on writing about social justice, LGBTQ+ issues, and identity and community. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Lily, Refinery 29, and more. You can find her on Twitter @Nayanikawrites.

How Stand In Pride's Army of Honorary Parents Fills in for Estranged Queer Brides and Grooms

Joelle Schrotenboer got engaged to the love of her life in May 2023. She met her partner, Hope, almost four years ago, which is also when she came out to the people around her, including family members who were less than supportive. The disapproval [...]

Raising Kids in a Big, Happy, Poly Family

By now, same sex parents are relatively commonplace, but what about when those partnerships expand to include a third or fourth partner? Turns out, these arrangements aren’t particularly rare, and in the day-to-day, polyamorous families are [...]

12 Age-Appropriate Books to Read With Your Queer or Questioning Child 

What better way is there to answer questions your kids have about gender and sexuality than to find some books to read together or recommend to them? Be it books that include targeted educational messages or fictional stories with LGBTQ+ characters, [...]

On and Off the Mat, This Michigan Trans Wrestler and Psychologist Is Advocating For Trans Kids

For Davison Sarai, a 46-year old queer transwoman from Michigan, wrestling was a way to escape what was happening at home. An alcoholic father and a home life marked by domestic violence did not make for an easy childhood. So she used wrestling, [...]

Gay Days Are Back: A Time-Honored Tradition Returns to Amusement Parks Around the Country

Dancing on our own. Listening to "Chromatica" on repeat. Watching "Drag Race." Who doesn't love those gay days? But riding on all the biggest roller coasters under a flurry of colored light with all queers and you’ve got something special. Gay [...]

Visit These 8 Lesser-Known Places Where LGBTQ+ History Was Made

Small acts of resistance and community building are what have made LGBTQ+ history, and while that history may not be as well documented as we would like, you can still get out your map and start exploring. If you’ve already covered Stonewall [...]

Housing Cooperatives Offer Safe Living Spaces for Queer Folks, Foster Unique Community 

For Marissa Klee-Peregon, 27, Nimblewill Cooperative in Kalamazoo is a space where she can practice interdependence, instead of independence.A cooperative home, or “co-op,” which centers the experiences of queer and trans people, [...]

Before You Say ‘I Do': Tips for Finding the Best Wedding Officiant for Your Special Day

Finding the right officiant for your wedding, one who understands and respects your beliefs and traditions can be difficult — even more so for queer couples. Whether it’s a religious leader, a family member or a close friend, it’s [...]

Pet Power: For These LGBTQ+ Michiganders, Their Companion Animals Changed Their Lives

For 30-year-old Jarell Wilson from Detroit, COVID-19 isolation only intensified their struggles with depression. Self-isolation and working from home would’ve been worse, too, if it weren’t for their two pets, a cat and a dog.“Pets [...]