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Your 2022 Michigan LGBTQ+ Pride Calendar

It’s that time of year again — and let’s just hope that this summer there's no surge and the only masks we see are feathered and bedazzled.For the first time since 2020, the state’s Pride schedule will basically return to [...]

Prosecutor Eli Savit and Sen. Adam Hollier Call for Changes to Michigan Laws Amid Rise in Violent Hate Crimes Against Trans Women

By Sen. Adam Hollier and Eli SavitNo one can deny that the state of Michigan is making strides in ensuring equality for all communities.The Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) was passed in 1976 to protect Michiganders against discrimination on [...]

Michigan GOP House Candidate Vows to Introduce ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Legislation If Elected

By Andrew Roth, Michigan Advance.A Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives announced that, if elected, he would introduce legislation modeled on a Florida measure known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.Jon Rocha, a [...]

A Michigan Student and Professor on Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill: Why It Matters to All and How to Talk About It 

By Amy Brainer and Naja NileNaja Nile is a sophomore at the University of Michigan-Dearborn majoring in Women’s & Gender Studies with a certificate in LGBTQ+ Studies. Amy Brainer is an associate professor at UM-Dearborn where she directs [...]

Voting Rights Are LGBTQ+ Rights': Our Commitment to Equitable LGBTQ+ Rep

Dear reader:Without free and independent media, Pride Source (and its print publication, Between The Lines) wouldn’t exist, and a community would go underserved when it comes to accessing vital content not found in traditional media [...]

Chris Azzopardi Named Editorial Director at Pride Source Media Group

After serving as Pride Source Media Group's Entertainment Editor and the Editor of Q Syndicate, the national LGBTQ+ wire service, Chris Azzopardi has been named the company's new Editorial Director. The announcement comes as he approaches his [...]

Michigan Women Leaders on the Women Leaders Who Inspire Them

In honor of Women's History Month 2021, Between The Lines is featuring some of Michigan's most prominent LGBTQ+ women leaders. Though our state is full of powerful women leaders using their skills, time and effort to advance LGBTQ+ equality and [...]

Watch an Exclusive Clip of 'Dolly Parton's America' Host Jad Abumrad in a Sit-Down with Celeb Journalist Chris Azzopardi

On Friday, March 5, Jad Abumrad, the host and creator of "Dolly Parton's America" and "Radiolab," a public radio program broadcast on nearly 600 stations across the nation and downloaded more than 12 million times a month as a podcast, will sit [...]

Letter from the Publisher: A Legacy to Carry On

I first met Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz while serving them a plate of pasta with a rainbow Pride bracelet around my wrist. I was working at Noodles & Company as a shift manager. This was 2008 after I had graduated from the University [...]

New Memoirs Tackle Complex Relationship Of Gays And Christians

Are Christians truly homophobic bigots? Or, are all gays "activists" seeking to undermine the moral fabric of society? Neither is true and yet the church is being destroyed from controversy over the issue, asserts Justin Lee, founder of the Gay [...]