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Queer Icon John Waters, Self-Proclaimed ‘Filth Elder,’ Receives Much-Deserved Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

John Waters, pioneering DIY filmmaker, author, fashion icon and self-proclaimed “filth elder," was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday. “The Hollywood Walk of Fame, you’re the best, and I hope the most [...]

May 2023 Advice to Be Well From Dr. Mark Bornstein and Dr. Paul Benson

AB: Hi Doctor. At our last visit, you recommended I start a statin medication to prevent cardiovascular disease, but when I researched the medication you gave me, there is so much negative information on the internet. Is there a better option? Hi AB. [...]

Your 2023 Michigan LGBTQ+ Pride Calendar

Pride Season is in full bloom for 2023, and you’ll find all the important details right here. From small-town Prides in unexpected places to the big mainstay events happening in June and beyond, there’s something for every Michigan [...]

Gallup Poll: U.S. LGBTQ Adult Population Steady at 7.2 Percent

This article originally appeared in the Washington Blade.The results of a national survey conducted by Gallup polling based on aggregated polling data from 2022 telephone surveys shows U.S. adults’ identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual, [...]

We Are Sad, Angry and Weary. And We Are Asking More From Our Leaders. 

It’s been a brutal year for mass killings in a broken America. In 2022, victims include young schoolchildren, college students, grocery shoppers and, once again, queer people gathered in what should have been a safe space, behind the [...]

‘American Horror Story’ Goes Full Gay In ‘NYC’

By John Paul King, Washington BladeIt’s hard to believe that “American Horror Story” is now more than a decade old – yet at the same time, it feels like it’s been on the air forever.Arguably the signature accomplishment [...]

Gov. Whitmer, Please Break Your Silence on Rising Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate in Michigan. Love, the Pride Source Editorial Board 

Silence leaves much to interpretation.The cavern between full-throated support for Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community from a few, mostly queer candidates running for state and national offices, and hostile, angry anti-queer tirades coming out of [...]

October 2022 Advice to Be Well From Dr. Mark Bornstein and Dr. Paul Benson

From Dr. Mark Bornstein and Dr. Paul BensonI am a person living with HIV on a complicated multiple pill regimen. I’m tired of taking so many pills. I know other people with HIV taking one pill a day. Am I able to just take one pill? – JPDear JP,Hi [...]

Supreme Court Rules for LGBTQ+ Students at Yeshiva University

By Brody Levesque, Washington BladeThe U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday in a 5-4 vote declined a request from Yeshiva University in New York to block a New York County Supreme Court order that requires the university to recognize the “Pride [...]

Ann Arbor Pride: Through the Years

Ann Arbor Pride is back! The first in-person event after a 2-year pandemic-induced virtual hiatus is set for Sept. 11 at Wheeler Park from 12-5 p.m. The event will feature community yoga, entertainment by Alice King, Outloud Chorus, Joanna Sterling [...]

September 2022 Advice to Be Well From Dr. Mark Bornstein and Dr. Paul Benson

From Dr. Mark Bornstein and Dr. Paul BensonHi doctor. I am a 60-year-old cis male and my doctor recently told me that I do not need to be screened for prostate cancer. My father has been getting this screened every year since he was 50. This is [...]