Tom Wesley

Tom Wesley is a co-publisher at Pride Source, working with community partners and supporters. He can be reached at [email protected].

Dana Nessel Has Nothing to Apologize For

"Two Bloody Marys" is what Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel consumed at the MSU-UM men's football game on Oct. 30, according to a statement she released on Nov. 10 via Facebook. Michiganders were quick to applaud and deride the Nessel — the [...]

This Gender-Affirming Online Support Group Is Helping Trans People Find Their Voices

A new online support community is helping transgender individuals find their (literal) voices. Pride Source reached out to the group's founder, Dr. Ramya Konnai, a speech pathologist in Oakland County with almost two decades of experience and an [...]

A Queer Sports Fan Went to a Detroit City Football Club Game. He Walked Away an Even Prouder Fan.

Alex Wright, DCFC co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of the Detroit City Football Club (DCFC), describes the atmosphere during Pride Month as one of the most electrifying, intense experiences that any fan could have. "The game starts, the crowd is [...]

LGBTQ+ Chorus, Sing Out Detroit, Returns to Pride at Canton Pride OUTside to 'Uplift and Inspire Others'

Call it a triumphant return or just "getting back to normal" — either way, local communities are thrilled to once again see live Pride 2021 events on their local calendars. For Sing Out Detroit, a return to live performances and gatherings has been [...]

Doctor of Sexuality, Gender Identity to Speak at Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

University of Michigan Medical School alumnus and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, Dr. Jack Drescher, will speak virtually at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute this April. The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute provides [...]

Naomi Goldberg on 'Queering' the Census - and Why it Matters

Data, and how it is collected, can have a big impact across a community. Naomi Goldberg, deputy director and LGBTQ program director for the Movement Advancement Project, wants Michiganders to know the importance of the Census, and how it impacts [...]