Dana Nessel Has Nothing to Apologize For

"Two Bloody Marys" is what Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel consumed at the MSU-UM men's football game on Oct. 30, according to a statement she released on Nov. 10 via Facebook. Michiganders were quick to applaud and deride the Nessel the comments made in response to her official statement showing just how nasty we are to each other.

Prior to being co-publisher of Pride Source, I worked a decade with college students who, like attorney general Dana Nessel, had too much to drink. In fact, I started my career at Michigan State University and have talked to thousands of 18year olds about alcohol, weed, and navigating the turbulence of college. Hundreds of them had to talk to me because they were drinking at a football game.

When I met with the unending number of first-year college men at MSU because that's the largest demographic who has trouble responsibly consuming alcohol in college I often asked what messages they received about drinking. This was a decade ago when Pitbull's party persona was all over the airwaves next to cans of Bud Light and nearlynaked women. Most understood the messaging: to have a good time, drink. To get girls, drink. But it doesn't matter if the students were cognizant of it the marketing strategy works. A lot of major brands be it sports leagues or entertainment are inseparable from alcohol.

In my experience, most people have to learn for themselves not to drink too much. One or two bad nights can teach a young person to take it easier next time. But adults, given their experience as young people, know that they can make mistakes because they take precautions and plan appropriate when consuming a few brewskis. 

"Two Bloody Marys" can mean a lot of different things. Were the shots of vodka poured and measured? How much food did she have in her system? Was she under any stress at the time? What about hydration? Over what period of time was the alcohol consumed? All relevant questions, that is, for someone who actually needs to hear it.

But Dana Nessel is not an 18-year-old frosh at MSU. Dana Nessel is an adult who is allowed to consume alcohol. She did so, and then after realizing she needed assistance, she asked for it.

Gold star! Seriously. There was no DUI, no heavy machinery, no operating of deadly weapons. Just a bunch of grief over a football game.

It doesn't take a lot to be a responsible consumer of alcohol. Know how much you're drinking and how your body will respond. If something goes wrong, ask for help. Don't drive, don't perform medical procedures. And for the love of those around, don't text your ex.

Despite drinking too much, Nessel did it right: a designated driver and a supportive wife helped her out with fluids and painkillers. So unless Nessel actually did throw up on someone then, yes, in that case she should apologize to that person we can only hope that all those griping about "Tailgate-gate" check their righteous judgment at the door.