Jan Stevenson

Jan Stevenson is the former co-publisher of Between The Lines (1995 to 2020). She served as the first president of the board of Affirmations Community Center (1988 to 1992), and as the group’s first executive director (1992-1995).

November 2000: Voter Guide 2000

We figured we could educate voters on what people really stood for and who liked them.

I've Fought for LGBTQ+ Equality for Decades. Then a Dream Came True: I Threw Out the First Pitch at a Detroit Tigers Game.

On June 11, I realized a dream come true 33 years in the making when I got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Detroit Tigers game, part of the celebration of LGBTQ Pride Night at Comerica Park. It all began in 1988. Gary Roberts had [...]

Fred Upton Supporters Launch Homophobic Campaign Against Gay Congressional Candidate Jon Hoadley

Fred Upton supporters have launched a homophobic $500,000 TV campaign against gay U.S. Congressional candidate Jon Hoadley that uses antiquated and false tropes about the LGBTQ community. Hoadley is a Victory Fund-endorsed, three-term Michigan [...]

LGBTQ Activists Condemn U.S. Rep. Fred Upton for Homophobic Attacks on Jon Hoadley

U.S. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan), one of the longest-serving members of the U.S. House of Representatives, has burnished a reputation for decency and civility. That's why it is especially alarming that his reelection campaign would resort to [...]

A Message to BTL Readers and the Greater Michigan LGBTQ Community

The message could not be clearer: respond to the COVID-19 crisis by staying home whenever you can, wash your hands frequently and do whatever you can to not spread the virus. But there is also a much larger message to spread: take care of each [...]

Happy Holidays and Some News from BTL

By Publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz As we approach the holiday season we are excited to share with you our plans for the coming year. After 26 years of continuous publishing we are going to take our first real holiday break! This issue [...]

Aging With HIV Requires Vigilance and Hope

MADISON HEIGHTS – It would have been an impossible dream 30 years ago, to live with HIV for decades and to actually grow into old age with the virus. Yet with the medical advances and reduced toxicity of the medications that suppress HIV, those who [...]

CARE for the children

YPSILANTI – Seventeen month old Meil Bogart swept through the Frenchies reception hall, laughing with delight and charming each person in their turn. She was the happiest, most beautiful child, with everything going her way – seemingly perfect [...]

Singing to be free, opera as a political act

DETROIT – For many Americans who do not identify as opera buffs, which is undoubtedly a significant majority, Grand Opera can conjure up images of long, unintelligible singing in a foreign language about a confusing story that has no relevance to [...]

Dating just got a lot easier

FERNDALE – My friend Rachel (not her real name) is a young 47. She's attractive, smart, professional, and, except for a few endearing eccentricities, relatively sane. She's been single for a little over three years, and has been looking for that [...]

Gay State Rep. Calls Out Pence

KALAMAZOO – Michigan State Rep. Jon Hoadley, D-Kalamazoo, held an electronic press conference this morning and condemned vice presidential candidate Mike Pence in anticipation of his visit to Portage, Michigan later today. Hoadley said that, as one [...]

LGBT Couples' Wedding Spending Soars

Over the past year since marriage equality became the law of the land, LGBT couples are spending a lot more on weddings, and family acceptance of same-sex marriages is up dramatically, according to a recent study. Male couples increased their [...]