Angel Vivaldi Wants to Re-Introduce you to Instrumental Guitar

Whether escorting fans on a seasonal tour of the universe, providing a musical accompaniment to some of the brain's most key neurotransmitters or removing song [...]

Temperatures Rise on Jazz Singer Ben Sharkey's New Album

Whether it was the result of fate or serendipity won't ever be clear, but it was a fortunate thing for Ben Sharkey that he knocked over a pile of his [...]

Taylor Swift in Detroit: A Pop Queen Earns Her Crown

If Old Taylor Swift was dead, the massive animatronic cobra that slithered onto Detroit's Ford Field on Tuesday night was the 28-year-old music luminary's [...]

Detroit Artist Siena Liggins Debuts Single 'Flowerbomb'

Dress off. Hair down. "Flowerbomb." Like many sexual experiences, there's a slow but powerful build, and it takes Siena Liggins' brand-new song a [...]

Jump to your feet and support 'Concert for a Cure'

Will the opportunity to spend an intimate evening of song and music with cast members from the national touring production of "On Your Feet" motivate enough [...]

LGBTQ Artist Rachael Cantu Debuts 'Love Rush' EP

Falling in love, as thrilling as it is, requires a huge level of vulnerability. That immensely happy and slightly uncomfortable feeling is encapsulated in [...]

Hear Me Out: 7 Albums (Britney! Robyn!) That Will Make This Year Suck Less

  That Britney album better come quick – preferably before the world combusts from nuclear warfare. On the horizon for the rest of what's shaping up to be [...]

The Colorful World of Simon Black

Take a look at his picture, and there's no getting around it: Detroit native and dance music sensation Simon Black is a little unusual. "I've always danced to [...]

Detroit Artist Launches New Album

It's been nearly five years since Detroit-based recording artist Logan Mario sat down for an interview with BTL. Since that time, Mario has been busy. When [...]

Lansing Rapper Talks Social Justice

Never one to take it slow, 21-year-old Lansing rapper Mikeyy Austin has released a full-length album, a mixtape and multiple singles in two years. Now, the [...]

Best Albums of 2017

Donald Trump is still tweeting (oh yeah, and somehow still president). Free internet porn could be a bygone luxury thanks to #RIPNetNeutrality. But hey, music [...]

Songs for Sanity in this Political Climate

The resistance is in full swing, with late-night talk show hosts railing against Donald Trump's total incompetence as president and oppressed communities [...]

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