Jeopardy!' Super Champ Amy Schneider Returns For Tournament Of Champions

“Jeopardy!” superstar and trans activist Amy Schneider is about to make her heavily anticipated return to the show in this year’s [...]

Supreme Court OKs Making Video Records of Prop 8 Trial Open to Public

By Chris Johnson, Washington BladeThe U.S. Supreme Court announced on Tuesday it has declined to take up a case on video recordings from the 2010 trial against [...]

How Angela Lansbury's Death Is a Reminder That Our Beloved Gay Icons Live On in Their Legacies

Dame Angela Lansbury has died. Just days shy of her 97th birthday, the legendary lady of stage, screen and television took her final bow Tuesday. The proud gay [...]

Did Judy Garland's Death Really Cause Stonewall? Was There Even a Brick? Sorting Stubborn Myths from Reality

For years, people have debated what actually happened that night in June 1969 when the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York City was raided and a new, [...]

New Supreme Court Term Includes Critical LGBTQ+ Case With ‘Terrifying’ Consequences

By Chris Johnson, Washington BladeThe U.S. Supreme Court, after a decision overturning Roe v. Wade that still leaves many reeling, is starting a new term with [...]

Therapy Is Expensive, But These Queer Social Media Healers Are Just a Tap Away

When it comes to LGBTQ+ mental health, representation matters.In fact, it’s at the heart of why Chris Grant, aka “The Queer Therapist” [...]

Supreme Court Rules for LGBTQ+ Students at Yeshiva University

By Brody Levesque, Washington BladeThe U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday in a 5-4 vote declined a request from Yeshiva University in New York to block a New York [...]

What LGBTQ+ Families Should Know For Back-to-School Time

As school-related anti-LGBTQ legislation and policies continue to rise, what should LGBTQ+ parents know about recent moves and how to protect their families? [...]

Detroit Native Terrance Dean, Queer Author and Former MTV Exec, Dies at 53

Detroit native and bestselling author and academic Terrance Dean died Friday, Aug. 11 in Columbus, Ohio. He was 53.Dean grew up in Detroit and attended Central [...]

Court Rules Transgender People Have Protections Under ADA

By Chris Johnson, Washington BladeTransgender people have additional protections from discrimination under federal law for having a disability if they [...]

Is It Unusual to Feel Late-Onset Arm Pain After Getting the Monkeypox Vaccine? 

What’s with the late-onset arm pain after getting your monkeypox vaccine?Sure, it’s not unusual that, when getting any kind of vaccination, you [...]

LGBTQ+ Ally Olivia Newton-John, Dead at 73, Had Hopes to 'See an End to Cancer Within My Lifetime'

The queer community is mourning the loss of LGBTQ+ advocate and ally Olivia Newton-John.In an announcement on Facebook Monday, John Easterling, the husband of [...]