Story lacks evidence MSU club a hate group

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“MSU student club likely hate group” (was) a rather strange article from conception considering the statements at the end of the article.
In regards to a relationship to the word or the common definition of the word hate:
(1).”I believe abortion is absolutely despicable. It hurts women … It raises the chance of breast cancer. It allows men to abuse women.”
This statement is about female abortion, not about hate. Kyle obviously is against the killing of unborn children. What are we hating here?
(2). “It’s sad all these groups exist to advocate for all these different groups based on their ethnicity or skin color. Personally I would like to see these groups go away.”
This statement seems to reflect self imposed racial discrimination, or defines a persons abilities by their color or race and not by individual effort. Justifying ones abilities by their color alone is racist in itself.
Racial discrimination is a old as time itself and is usually promoted by those who have found it to be a convenient excuse for self persecution. Affirmative action promotes weakness for example, or racial dependence. Again, where is the hate?
(3). “Homosexuality kills people almost to a degree worse than cigarettes. It’s sad these groups are complicit in murder.”
This statement, I don’t understand or what he’s driving at.
(4).”Planned Parenthood … They’re pretty much an advocacy group for infanticide. It’s a blight on the MSU community. It’s a slap in the face.”
Again, not that overly coherient. I think he means what Planned Parenthood does in regards to human life, kind of a flip of the coin. Again, not a hate issue but merely stating his total opposition to abortion.
So Todd, where do you derive this over abundance of hate in this group, or is it basically a disagreement of principals, moral values or political position on current affairs?
Is it not really ones choice to believe in abortion, or in homosexuality? I do know racism is used a lot in social pandering, but the true hatred (socially imposed) usually comes from not wanting to respect the rights of a society or ones individual rights. Hence the popular term race card.
John Campbell

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