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Dear Ian, We’re looking forward to seeing you enjoy the new center as soon as we finish the lettering on the front of the new building. When complete, the front facing of the building will include the text, “the community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender people and their allies.” For an organization that provides a host of not just social programs, but also critical support services, signage is a tricky thing. On one hand we stand firm as a LGBT organization and on the other hand, we want to welcome the just-coming-out-and-kind-of-scared parts of our community too. Hundreds of people have told us their stories of avoiding the door marked “Affirmations” at the old Pioneer Building. Hundreds more will refuse to walk underneath the word “gay,” “lesbian” or “transgender.” Our job is to help people get to that place and take pride in themselves for it. In order to meet all of our community members where they are, and to provide privacy for those at certain points in the coming out process, the rear entrance of the building will remain simply, “Affirmations.”

{ITAL Kathleen LaTosch
Communications Director
Affirmations Community Center}

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