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I am a mother of two, married thirty-four years, and a retired high school and middle school educator. My husband and I have fifty-five combined years’ teaching experience. I have seen first-hand what it is like in our schools for anyone who is perceived to be “different” in any way. Passing legislation to give school personnel a consistent, defined policy to address bullying is long overdue.
I participated in the March 28 Lobby Day. I am not a member of the “coalition”, and not party to any of the behind-the-scenes decision making. But I left Lansing that day feeling charged and full of hope, and proud of the work so many people have done over the years to make this happen.
I was dismayed last week to pick up a copy of Between the Lines, expecting a celebration, but instead finding a preponderance of articles and opinions which seemed to center on personalities and fault-finding. In a fast-paced, emotionally charged day, quick decisions were made. Political things happened behind closed doors. But in the end Matt’s Safe Schools Law passed the House. I am disappointed that BTL, instead of focusing on that victory, painted a picture of back-biting and disorganization. Maybe I missed the point that day, but March 28 did not feel that way to this mom, ally and educator.
{ITAL Lorraine Hampton
PFLAG Jackson}

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