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‘Oprah’s Big Give’ yields big response

By |2018-01-15T16:08:37-05:00March 20th, 2008|Opinions|

I have been a loyal BTL fan since the day the paper started. I read it cover to cover (almost every article) and have watched the paper evolve over the years. But one thing has been consistent and impressive, and that is the strong level of writing. It is accurate, thought provoking, intelligent, humorous, personal, political, entertaining, educational, informative, purposeful, hard-hitting (when needed) and fair.
I am completely disappointed in this article (“The ‘Big Give’ – or the Big Ego?” by Joe Franco) and disheartened by it. I do not understand what the point of including it in a fine paper like BTL. The accusations and personal attacks on Oprah, such as a “superfluous phony,” just seem inflammatory and mean-spirited, or that the contestants are “some idiots with an ego (who) do it for profit.” And how in the world did the writer make the leap that “Oprah’s Big Give show” is trying to compete/compare with Buddha, Jesus or Gandhi? Also if the writer ever watched the Oprah show he would see that many times she does highlight “the many local heroes who give everything they have every single day.”
Mostly I am disturbed that there is another article written that seems like it is just written to attach a strong, powerful, successful woman. And in this case, an African-American woman. We have enough of that going on in this country today.
I truly hope that this isn’t the beginning of a change in direction for the fine articles and commentaries of this paper. I cannot see any value in this type of article except to be sensational and degrading.
What rubbish indeed.

– Vicky Morter, via e-mail

What Joe (Franco) writes (“The ‘Big Give’ – or the Big Ego?”) about is very common in our society, we take everything at face value. We do this with politics, international affairs and yes, even Oprah! We don’t dig deeper, nor do we feel the need to take get our privileged asses off the couch and do a little research! So we are can be sold anything, and never stand for anything!

– Adele, via e-mail

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