Zac Efron’s shower scene cut from ‘High School Musical’

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Billy Masters

“I believe in people’s right to choose a partner that they love, and that’s a decision that I have come to, and I have felt that way for a long time.” – Maria Shriver, wife of California’s Republican governor Schwarzenegger, makes her feelings known regarding the ban on gay marriage just days before the election.

For years I’ve said that I’d rather be the funny, clever gossip columnist who flies under the radar than the trashy, nasty one who makes all the money but everyone hates. So it was nice last week to wake up to hundreds of calls, e-mails, and Web site hits after landing the lead story on Page Six and the first Hot Topic on “The View.” What makes it even better is that the story was a positive one about Cloris Leachman. While nice guys may occasionally finish last, they still cross that finish line (and, incidentally, last a helluva lot longer).

By the time you read this, I will be in Merry Ole London doing some promotions for the column and expanding the Billy Masters Empire. And I’m not the only notable queer to be overseas. Sexy Cheyenne Jackson recently appeared at an AmFAR benefit at the Rome Film Festival and got the Italian ladies all hot and bothered. Despite being told he’s gay (he and his spousal-equivalent hit a gay bar after the festivities), the cougars kept pawing his shimmery suit, asking for private concerts, and saying “What a beautiful boy.” Of course, they said it in Italian.

On the eve of my departure from L.A., I was thrilled to attend the wedding of porn superstar Michael Lucas and Richard Winger. Gifts were discouraged. Instead, a donation to help fight the ban on gay marriage was recommended. Classy, classy, classy. The usual gay porn glitterati came out in full force. As with most deeply religious events, cameras were discouraged during the ceremony….NOT! If anyone loves a camera, it’s Michael Lucas – and it loves him right back. We’ll post a few snaps on our Web site.

Just ’cause I wanna pat myself on the back (and credit you for reading such a stellar column), a couple weeks ago I reported that “Melrose Place” was in for a “90210”-type remake. This week, the CW announced it has fast-tracked what they are calling a “contemporary take” on “Melrose Place.” And days after I reported that Zac Efron would be heading a remake of the film “Footloose,” Paramount confirmed the story. As it turns out, my buddies Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (happy birthday, Neil) will co-produce – just like they did the “Hairspray” flick.

Speaking of little Zac, he got quite a surprise when he found out that Michael Jackson loves the “High School Musical” series. Efron got a call from director/choreographer Kenny Ortega who put Jacko on the line, gushing that he’s a HUGE fan. I don’t need to say it, do I?

If Mikey’s smart, he’ll head over to, where we will run a series of stills from Zac’s shower scene, which was cut from “High School Musical 3.” Insiders tell us that the Disney brass were concerned that Zac’s body looked “too mature” (read: buff) and the scene was too “sexual” for their demographic. And that’s bad, why? You see a bit more than they probably planned on. And, speaking of showing skin, we’ll also post a few scrumptious shots from when Zac attended the wedding of his manager in Hawaii last week. He hit the beach with that Vanessa chick and seemed to have significant trouble keeping his shorts on. Again, that’s a bad thing?

While Jackson (Michael, not Cheyenne) is still lusting after young boys, he hasn’t forgotten his old, OLD friends. He recently had a pajama party at Elizabeth Taylor’s house, and turned up wearing adult-sized flannel PJs – probably with a flap in the back!

Speaking of the Jacksons, we hear that when Janet resumed her concert tour in Detroit, the arena was at a paltry 33-percent capacity. This might explain why when she next tours, she’ll be the OPENING ACT. Yes, according to Jermaine Jackson (so take this with a grain of salt), the “Jackson 5” will reunite next year for a world tour (with Michael), and Janet will be their opening act. File this one under “I’ll believe it when I see it…”

Although Queen Latifah has publicly stated she’s on board for a “Hairspray” sequel, don’t expect John Travolta to turn up. “I think once is enough. I did it and I did it well. But I’m not a big sequel guy.” Apparently, he’s forgotten the “Saturday Night Fever” sequel, two “Look Who’s Talking” sequels, and the slated “Wild Hogs” sequel. Hmmm.

I got a call from a source at VH1 telling me about a new reality show to help find a romantic partner for a well-known actor. Rather than just tell you who it is, I’ll quote from the casting call: “Antonio Sabato Jr., one of the worlds most sensual, exotic and sexy male heartthrobs, is looking for the true love of his life.” OK, stop laughing – there’s more! “For the first time ever, a romance novel comes to life in this groundbreaking reality competition soap opera.” I’m speechless. “In this heartfelt and romantic competition of love and seduction, one femme fatale will become the envy of all others and attain the love of Antonio Sabato Jr.” You’re killing me! Casting will take place in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, Houston, San Diego and Las Vegas. Must see, indeed.

I’m surprised this week’s “Ask Billy” question took so long to come in. Nate in Key West writes: “I’m obsessed with ‘Top Design’ – in particular, Preston Lee. I assume he’s gay ’cause he’s a designer and incredibly hot. But do you know for sure? And are there any nude shots of him out there?”

Preston Lee is most definitely gay. And he’s a West Hollywood resident. You might have seen him on Logo’s “Open Bar” – he designed the club (which has since closed, but that wasn’t his fault). Dirt-wise, he’s actually pretty low-key for someone who was on a show called “open” and another called “top” – talk about your mixed messages! I find it funny how he constantly stresses how “masculine” he is on the show. Not that he’s not, but anyone who says it that often is suspect. One thing that’s not suspect is his amazingly buff body – which he enjoys showing it off. As it happens, we do have a number of hot shirtless pics which we’ll run on

Because people keep asking me if I have any nude photos of the professional dancers from “Dancing with the Stars,” I will post one that appeared out of nowhere in my mailbox. While I wouldn’t have expected this guy to be an exhibitionist (especially given his tender years), I’m happy to say his body looks quite delectable. You can see for yourself on

When Jacko’s got a crush on someone of drinking-age, it’s definitely time to end yet another column. Since I’m traveling, I will miss Halloween. But I was thinking, it might be fun to see some of your more creative costumes. And by more creative, I’m including those of you who find ways to expose as much of your bodies as possible. You can e-mail me your pics while you’re online checking out for not only the best gossip, but also the hottest naked celebs. And even whilst enjoying a bit of foreign tongue, I’m still available to answer your questions. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and I promise to get back to you before Bravo launches it’s new show – “Bottom Design”! Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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