Backlash for Bash Back

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Members of the radical anarchist group Bash Back! Lansing have been served with court orders in a federal lawsuit brought against them for their participation in a Nov. 9 protest in the evangelical Lansing Church Mount Hope Church.
According to Bash Back! Lansing’s blog, 23 people with associations with the group have been served with the orders.
The lawsuit alleges that the group violated the Federal Access to Clinic Entrances law, that the protest on Nov. 9 resulted in the intimidation in attendees at the service, and that they violated the church’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion in a place of worship.
The suit was brought by the Alliance Defense Fund of Arizona.
The protests made national news in early November, including an appearance by representatives from Lansing area conservatives on the Fox News Network’s The O’Reilly Factor.
In the suit, Mount Hope Church officials argue that fire alarms were pulled, and that protesters broke the law. But reports shortly after the Nov. 9 protest showed that no fire alarms were pulled that day, and that Eaton County Sheriff officials found no criminal actions when they arrived at the church.

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