Dutch transgenders will get new diplomas

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by Rex Wockner

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Transgender people in the Netherlands have won the right to receive new school diplomas that reflect their correct name and gender.
The change resulted from a legal action against the University of Amsterdam by transgender activist Justus Eisfeld of Global Action for Trans Equality.
The Dutch Equal Opportunities Commission ruled that the university had engaged in illegal indirect sex discrimination against Eisfeld, who had been fighting with the school since 2004.
Education Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt responded to the ruling Nov. 30 by instructing all educational institutions to adhere to it.
“I am very happy not only about my own diploma, but especially about the possibilities for all trans people to change their diplomas in the Netherlands,” Eisfeld said. “Hopefully the illegality of trans discrimination in all EU (European Union) member states will receive more attention. Knowledge is a first step towards a change of practice.”

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