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EMU dismissed a counseling student who wouldn’t counsel gays. What do you think of the university’s decision?

By | 2018-01-15T20:46:05-05:00 February 17th, 2011|Opinions|

Good for them! Clearly, she is in the wrong field if she has these kinds of problems.
-Lisa Betz

I think they made the right decision; the school has a responsibility to ensure that those who graduate from its program are able to counsel all types of people. What that student does after she graduates is a different story. She can counsel whomever she likes. The university shouldn’t have to have its name on that kind of bigotry, though.
-Renee Campbell

It sounds like this graduate counseling student should have figured out she did not have the ability to be neutral, fair and helpful long before graduate school. Bravo EMU!
-David Paul Rudzinski

The worst part is that this woman took a slot away from a student who could have been a non-bigoted counselor. This alumna is glad she’s getting bounced. Hate has no place in the helping professions!
-Jennifer Bokonon Goodhue

Perfectly right of EMU. The profession is allowed to set certain standards for those that are practicing within it, and if professionals do not want to adhere to those, then I believe that the profession has the right to dismiss them. This student has the right to her opinions about this subject, but it does not fit into the professional ethics that are currently set.
-Diane M. McKnight

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