Heard on Facebook: Rush Limbaugh apologizes for his personal attack on Sandra Fluke (kind of), do you think it's too little too late?

I don't buy it. Rush Limbaugh has been saying this sort of evil shit for many, many, years. He is only sorry – which I take with a grain of salt – becouse he is now losing sponsorships. Too bad, Rush.
-Tom Sapp
When the offense is doubled down in spades over days, a later apology is nothing more than a joke and everyone knows it. This evil person needs to be fired, and nothing short of that will appease me in any way.
-Steve Duerksen
Oh, yeah, I'm sure he really meant the appology. He just doesn't want to lose any more sponsors.
-Lynda Schrecengost
Birth control equals no more people like him!
-Paula Hopkins
I thought that windbag crossed the "too little too late" line a long time ago.
-Scott McClure
Way too little. It wasn't a real apology to Sandra Fluke. It was an apology for his choice of words. Doesn't count. He is just desperately trying to hang on to advertisers after crossing a line which was too hateful…even for Rush.
-Keith Orr

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