Anderson Cooper comes out of the closet as gay. Your reaction?

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God, it's about freakin' time.
-Stevo Schizometric

Good for him!
-Mary Rockwell

I can respect Mr. Cooper's desire to maintain his professional persona given that he does go into some dicey places that are not by any means 'gay-friendly' and I hope that they don't pigeon-hole him into reporting specifically gay/lesbian issues from now on, because that simply is not who he is. He's a reporter who strives to give us the 'real view' of what happens in this world and he has worked hard to maintain the persona of 'reporter,' not 'gay' icon. However, I'm very glad to see that a person in such a status as his finally has the courage and desire to stand up and be counted. I'm glad that Mr. Cooper is now among the counted of those struggling to live life like we deserve: free and free from discrimination of all kinds.
-Andrea Navar

Such an extremely well written email from our dear Anderson. LOVE HIM.
-Holden Alee

This is really eye opening. I totally respect the way he went about this.
-Karly A Stanislovaitis

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