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Live From Rio

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1 One of the motorist’s aids
8 ___ Records (Etheridge label)
14 Artist Robert
15 Loch name
16 Pope who recently spoke in Rio about gay priests
17 Cobbler containers
18 Uses the keyboard
19 Where to put your meat, in a deli
20 Traveler’s info
21 Studio stages
22 Start of how Pope Benedict XVI labeled gay life style
25 Coming soon
27 Some sex-toy batteries
28 Hook up
31 Medicine dose
34 Beantown tower, with “the”
35 Start of what 16-Across said about gay priests
39 Prefix with classical
40 Maria’s “Do-___”
42 John, who played a transsexual in “The World According to Garp”
44 Sixth sense
46 Gay porn director Francis
47 See 22-Across
50 Good buddies
54 Half of a ballroom dance
55 Pitching stat
56 Former “American Idol” judge Paula
57 Lane of “The Birdcage”
59 See 35-Across
61 Turn on
62 Tangled up
63 Interrupts, with “in”
64 Bacon procurers


1 Splits
2 Way to serve your meat
3 Make fit
4 Enjoys orally
5 PC alternatives
6 Singer DiFranco
7 Audio systems, for short
8 Acquire, as debt
9 Neighbor of Croatia
10 Tigers of the NCAA
11 Taking stock of
12 Capone colleague
13 Cul-___
19 Gas additive
22 Problem for skin
23 Cold war defense assn.
24 Catch forty winks
26 Fresh
28 Putting your mouth on a stranger, perhaps
29 Vein filler
30 The number on top of a fraction
32 Bloom of “The Producers”
33 On the down ___
36 Weight loss product
37 Textiles plant
38 “…see ___ will believe…”
41 Bk. before Jeremiah
43 Quip source Kate
45 Tickle pink
46 NASA outing
47 Mystery writer Claire
48 Poet Frank
49 Sea eagles
51 Confuse mentally
52 German pistol
53 Snow vehicles
56 Showing a tiny opening
58 Hold tight
59 Poet who inspired “Cats,” initially
60 “Put ___ Happy Face”

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