Bishop Abrams


Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams stepped down from Zion Progress Baptist Church, where she had served for five years as its first female pastor. Her announcement from the pulpit earlier this month that she had married a woman stunned many local Baptists.

"As the assistant to the Pastor of Zion Progress MBC I would like to say that we still love Pastor Abrams but this work that we do is bigger than pastor Abrams… its even bigger than myself; I want to thank the leaders and officers for their unwaivering commitment to uphold the moral fabric of the church….sin is sin no matter how you slice it…we are dedicated to move forward in Jesus name…."
James Stalling, assistant to the pastor

"I am so outraged at the hatefulness and bigotry I am seeing here with regards to my fellow Detroiter… I am grateful to you for your courage. You are who you are and there is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are. People have taken scripture and tried to twist it, to make it fit their sentiment. God is love and not hate and there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian."
Nedrea Scott, graduate social work student

"God is just freeing her up to do a greater work without the hypocrisy that is so embedded in the Christian church."
Darlene Franklin

"To be in accordance with scripture, she would have to give up that type of homosexual lifestyle."
Pastor Elder Levon Yuille of The Bible Church in Ypsilanti

"Bishop Abrams is a very intelligent, conscientious and progressive minister. She has done a lot to people.
She, herself did not seek to make this an issue. It was an issue that from my understanding was ignited by rumors and innuendos … somebody looking up the marriage certificate on the Internet."
Rev. Charles C. Adams, pastor of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church

"I say we need more Allyson Abrams on the planet, and a little more 'progressive' on the Baptist mentality. Congratulations on your marriage."
Susan Hunt, High School student


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