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‘Young, Hot & Gay’ Comics Bring Comedy Show To Novi, Lansing

By | 2014-01-23T09:00:00-05:00 January 23rd, 2014|Entertainment|

They’re young, hot and gay – and they’re coming to Novi and Lansing. Jordan Pease, Heather Turman and Tara Egnatios, who are traveling cross-country on their “Young, Hot & Gay Tour,” will stop at Laff Tracks Comedy Club (30850 N Beck Road, Novi) on Jan. 25 and Connxtions Comedy Club (2900 N East St, Lansing) on Jan. 26. We caught up with Pease before the show.

How did you get involved with The Young Hot & Gay Tour? What can people expect from you?
I actually got involved with The Young Hot & Gay Tour through Michigan native Heather Turman. We worked together a few times in the Los Angeles comedy circuit and always would joke about hitting the Bible Belt and taking on the road together. In October, (while) I was performing in Mexico, up popped a Facebook message that basically said, “Pack your shit, it’s go time.”

When did you know you wanted to be a comedian?
I knew I wanted to be a comedian since my father passed away summer of 2010. Though I have to admit, since birth I was an entertainer. Every one of my childhood school report cards read, “Talking is disruptive to the learning environment.” I was a clown who would smile his way out of everything. Still am!

Which comedians do you appreciate most?
If I had to choose one comic to sit me down and give me the “pow-wow” speech of life in the comedy world, I’d want it to be Roseanne Barr. She put the “unruly woman” on the map, and then said deal with it! You have to be sightly insane to get pleasure from having an audience of strangers sit, judge and laugh at you. I appreciate the comics who never give up till the day they croak.

What do you think this new generation of comedians brings to comedy?
Like music, style and clothing, I think comedy eventually repeats itself. Our generation can make jokes about using new technology – iPhones, electric cars, Keurig coffee machines – while the past generation has the ability to rant on about life when answering machines ruled the world. Each generation brings slang and current affairs. I believe our generation brings some backbone.

You tell jokes for a living, but what cracks you up?
Authority kills me. Every time I catch a cop giving someone a parking ticket, or a coach shunning an 11-year-old baseball player, I just laugh. People take life way too seriously. Inappropriate moments will always be my forte. Laughing all day just keeps life from being boring.

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