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Michael Sam Comes Out

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1 Soup from the Samurai’s land
5 Elton John Broadway musical
9 Regained consciousness
15 Q ___ queen
16 Circumcision sound
17 Key with all white notes
18 Start of Michael Sam’s 2013 SEC football honor
20 Save from going down at sea, e.g.
21 Becomes involved with
22 Smokers at St. Mary’s
23 Stand next to Georgia O’Keefe
24 Cross-dresser Klinger’s hometown
26 Men on top, perhaps
29 Become familiar with
33 Popular fruit drink
36 They may be blowing in the wind
38 Area of Tennessee?
39 Hacker’s phrase
41 More of the honor
43 Treated a swollen member
44 Stick it to
46 It may be under the tongue
48 Bambi’s aunt
49 Place to hang dildos?
51 Enjoy a hot tub
53 Untimely end
55 Hard to penetrate
59 Cracks up over
62 Education
65 Like a drag queen’s bosom
66 End of the honor
67 Sit on, in a way
68 Gyro bread
69 160 rods
70 Got the bottom line
71 Give the cold shoulder
72 Application for drag queens’ school?

1 Kim Novak’s _Picnic_ role
2 “___ little silhouetto of a man …”
3 Examines carefully
4 “Keep your pants on!”
5 The A in GLARP
6 Pt. of B.D. Wong
7 Clod on the golf course
8 Ancestor of homo sapiens’
9 Go out of control
10 Changed a bill
11 Michael Sam played NCAA football at this school
12 Suffix with prefer
13 Madonna’s Blonde Ambition, e.g.
14 Vein contents
19 David’s “Frasier” role
22 Proverbial gay hiding places
25 Heeds a master
27 Pos., to neg.
28 Approach for sex
30 How quickly one comes
31 Foreboding sign
32 Lorca’s zip
33 Branch of soc. studies
34 Online intro
35 “See you later”
37 Gay pride marchers close them
40 Michael Sam may be an early selection in this
42 ___ Speedwagon
45 Track support
47 Hombre of the cloth
50 Blown away
52 Nairobi native
54 Like a leprechaun
56 Dorothy, to Em
57 Catch in a trap
58 White-plumed bird
59 Silence for Copland
60 “___ put it another way …”
61 Words before were
63 Caesar’s last question
64 Moby Dick chaser
66 Army missions

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