7 Holiday Films and Shows for You and Your Queer Chosen Family

Snuggle up to these LGBTQ-friendly films and TV shows

This time of year can be isolating for many, especially if they're not close to their blood family. That's why many in the LGBTQ+ community find comfort in their chosen family. 

So, for this holiday season, curl up on the couch and vege out with your chosen family and check out an LGBTQ-centered holiday film or show. There's plenty to choose from, including Netflix's first-ever gay holiday film "Single All the Way" and Amazon Prime's "With Love," a mini-series with an LGBTQ+ cast.  

1. "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" (Roku Channel TV)

The canceled NBC show "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" returns, sort of, with a holiday special in the small-screen Roku Channel TV movie "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas." In this special, Zoey, who hears people's innermost desires through popular songs, attempts to create a magical Christmas for her family on their first holiday without her father Mitch.

"Glee" alum and gender non-conforming icon Alex Newell, who stars as Mo, Zoey's friend and landlord, opens the holiday special with a rendition of the classic "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." 

2. "A Jenkins Family Christmas" (BET+)

All the drama comes out in this one as one family gets together for Christmas to fulfill a late father's last wish, but as the night goes on, major secrets get exposed and arguments ensue.

The queer-inclusive family saga features a gay couple played by Broadway actor and photographer Anthony Chatmon II and openly gay model Derek Chadwick. There's even a marriage proposal. It's a story that tackles Black family queer stereotypes and the power of unyielding love from beyond the grave.

"A Jenkins Family Christmas" is streaming on BET+ and Paramount+.

3. "Single All the Way" (Netflix)

"Single All the Way," Netflix's first queer holiday film, is about a gay plant daddy named Peter, played by "Ugly Betty" star Michael Urie. When Peter visits his family in New Hampshire, with his best friend Nick (newcomer Philemon Chambers) in tow, his mom (Kathy Najimy) is keen on setting him up on a date with James (Luke MacFarlane). But it's hard to ignore the sparks that are flying between Peter and Nick, even if mom doesn't see them at first. 

4. "Happiest Season" (Hulu)

Though "Happiest Season" came out last holiday season, it's still worth a mention, obviously. In the film, openly lesbian Abby (Kristen Stewart) and closeted lesbian Harper go to Harper's family home so Abby can meet them for the first time. But, of course, they're introduced under pretenses.

When Harper introduces Abby, she pulls the "is just my roommate" card, leaving Abby in an awkward and messy predicament. 

5. "The Bitch Who Stole Christmas" (VH1)

RuPaul has done it again. The Emmy-winning TV icon and "Drag Race" legend, in all her merry and gay cheer, stars in her own holiday special on VH1. In "The Bitch Who Stole Christmas," a workaholic, big-city journalist is sent to a Christmas-obsessed small town to dig up a story.

While on the hunt, she finds herself in a cutthroat world of housewives, "Winter Ball" competitiveness and sinister plots that could destroy the holiday foreva. Honey, it's not for the weak.

The live version aired on VH1, but it can still be streamed on Hulu, Fubo TV, DirectTV Stream and more. 

6. "With Love" (Amazon Prime Video)

The Amazon Prime Video mini-series has two things we love to see: a Latinx cast and LGBTQ+ representation. Told over five episodes, the story involves Jorge Jr. ("Ugly Betty" star Mark Indelicato) and Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III), two men in a blossoming relationship, while Sol (Isis King) and Miles (Todd Grinnell), another queer couple, are learning to integrate Miles' child into their life together.  

7. "Under the Christmas Tree" (Lifetime)

This holiday season, Lifetime brings us their first-ever lesbian romance, "Under the Chrismas Tree." Alma Beltran and Charlie Freemont cross paths one fateful day when Charlie finds the perfect Christmas tree for the Maine Governor's Holiday Celebration conveniently placed in Alma's backyard. Of course, upon their first introduction, they dislike one another. But, as time progresses, romantic sparks fly, bringing the two women close. The enchantment of it all sounds like a fairytale, and we're here for it. 


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