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Jason A. Michael
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DETROIT – Two separate motions were filed this week in the Charles Pugh text messaging scandal court case. First, Pugh, former Detroit City Council president, wants the young man who is accusing him of misconduct to be named in open court. Between The Lines has previously identified the accuser by his name, Khody Sanford, but in court documents he’s known as simply “K.S.”
“While plaintiff portrays himself as an unknowing victim, his texts to Mr. Pugh paint a different picture,” Pugh attorney Marc Deldin wrote in his motion. “Plaintiff actively solicited money from Mr. Pugh in exchange for making sexual oriented videos.”
An attorney for Detroit Public Schools said essentially the same thing and more. The district wants U.S. District Judge David Lawson to toss the lawsuit out, saying Sanford knew exactly what he was doing and that he wanted to do it.
“Plaintiff’s own text messages reveal that plaintiff actively invited and encouraged Pugh’s text messaging,” DPS attorney Theophilus Clemons wrote in his motion.
Sanford was 18 in May 2013 when, following his last day of classes at Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men, he began exchanging text messages with Pugh on a cell phone Pugh bought him. Sanford, who met Pugh while he was a member of the Charles Pugh Leadership Forum, agreed to videotape himself masturbating in exchange for $160 he needed to go toward prom expenses.
“I need games and money,” Sanford said in a text message to Pugh sent on June 2, 2013.
“I got you,” Pugh responded, encouraging him to make the video. “Just quit being so damn scared.”
“I’m making the vid when I get home,” said Sanford. “I’m serious as f***.”
“You guys need to know how to WORK the guys with power and money who have crushes on y’all,” Pugh texted back. “You got the HOOKUP, bro. You just don’t know how to work it. You could get anything you want from me.”
Negotiations continued the following day, with Sanford trying to convince Pugh that the video he made was also worth an Xbox 360 video console.
“My vid was worth the game,” he told Pugh.
“LOL, Dude, I spent $310 on clothes and shoes and belt, plus $150 for that phone then $160,” Pugh responded. “So, bro, that video paid for more than $600 worth of sh**!!!”
Pugh pressed Sanford to allow him to perform oral sex on him in exchange for the Xbox.
“You’re gonna enjoy THE F*** out of earning the gaming system and games!!” he said. “You’ll see.”
But negotiations came to an abrupt halt when Sanford’s mother, Tamu Gaines, discovered text messages sent between her son and Pugh. Gaines quickly reached out to members of the media and then an attorney.
“Everything between us has to stop,” Sanford said. “My mom knows what is up and is going to report you. Don’t text back.”
“Tell your mom to call me,” Pugh responded. “We can work something out. This is crazy. I just wanted to help you.”

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