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Amazing Actress

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1 Where open drawers can reveal a lot
5 Early AIDS play
9 Garbo, for one
14 Police incursion at Stonewall
15 Bone in a limp wrist
16 Stand next to Eakins
17 Type of geometry with triangles
19 Milan showplace, with “la”
20 1985 movie with the actress in circles
22 Bond opponent
24 Prepare to shoot off again
25 It may keep you up at night
27 Cheapest bas reliefs of Lincoln
31 Fabric name ending
32 Title character for Barbra
36 The two of them
38 McKuen and more
40 With 57-Across, 1984 movie with the actress in circles
42 Kind of package
43 At some remove
44 Brought up the rear?
46 Swell location
47 Olympic nickname
50 Placed one inside another
52 Ready for action, in the men’s room
56 ” ___ Side Story”
57 See 40-Across
62 Trooper’s device
63 Sweet, hairy guy?
67 Top
68 From square one
69 “Otello” villain
70 What a jockey straddles
71 Untouchable head
72 Oman man

1 Eminem’s mentor
2 What 50 million Frenchmen never drink
3 Caesar’s thus
4 Duet partner for Tony Bennett
5 Subject of autoerotic fantasy?
6 More devious
7 Like someone blown away
8 Vixen’s master
9 Part of Ali Babi’s opening
10 Queer
11 Actor Morales
12 Woody valley
13 Jerusalem server
18 “Maurice” director James
21 Extra in “Lord of the Rings”
22 Go extinct
23 “Grease” director Kleiser
25 Wang in fashion
26 Bygone nuclear agcy.
28 Network of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”
29 Says “Bottoms up!”
30 Castro, in San Francisco
33 Little black bk. listings
34 Stuff for a blow job?
35 Tony Randall’s “7 Faces of Dr. ___ ”
37 All that’s seen of the Wizard, at first
39 B’way hit sign
41 Alternative to smoking
45 Disney duck
48 Gave a hoot
49 Areas for Dr. Callie Torres
51 Balkan region
53 Hawke or Allen
54 Fairy tale hag
55 The sounds of music
57 Very in Vichy
58 “Hold your horses!”
59 Falco of “The Sopranos”
60 Mr. Right-now
61 They have boughs for bows
64 Stud site
65 Eastern title
66 “Chicago” director Marshall

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