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Brides Made

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1 Piece of leg
5 They poke around in leather
9 Logical beginning
13 His brother laid him in his grave
14 Take back a blow job?
15 Tombstone lawman Wyatt
16 One of a Columbus threesome
17 Rainbow shape
18 Hit the ground
19 He played Jenny’s dad in “Jenny’s Wedding”
22 Take an active part in S and M
23 Doze off
24 Navratilova’s winter home
27 “Queer as Folk” writer Jason
31 Sea shell seller
32 Get the job done
35 Gay cable network
36 She played Jenny in “Jenny’s Wedding”
39 Buffalo’s lake
40 Make noise in bed
41 Mineo of movies
42 Brown on a book cover
44 Our, to Vivien
46 Cap for James M. Barrie
47 Word after fish?
49 She played Jenny’s partner in “Jenny’s Wedding”
54 Like fervant fans
55 Polished part for a fem
56 Hawaiian wedding party, perhaps
58 Hamburger Mary’s list
59 Lascivious look
60 The Phantom of the Opera’s name
61 Type of school
62 Trust, with “on”
63 In need of BenGay

1 When repeated, a 1953 Cole Porter musical
2 Small amount in a stallion’s mouth?
3 “Jaywalking” comedian
4 Like a Traci Des Jardins dish on fire
5 Enthusiastic lover’s cry
6 Florida’s Disney ___
7 Someone else’s skill, to a sore loser
8 Rectal Allen Ginsberg poem
9 “Love Songs” poet Sara
10 Mary topper
11 Sinead O’Connor’s country
12 Get off the fence
20 Recoil from pain
21 Type of drama in the land of Samurai
24 Curious one
25 She had her hand up Lamb Chop
26 Teensy, in Toulouse
27 Chinese prefix
28 Base in Brooklyn?
29 Samantha not of “Bewitched”
30 Bea Arthur’s TV maid Esther
33 Bear of the night
34 Fork feature
37 Became aroused
38 Word before coming to a conclusion
43 Nathan’s role in “The Producers”
45 Loads
47 Govt. promissory note
48 Where bowlers roll their balls
49 State emphatically
50 Dotterman’s “Antonia’s ___ ”
51 Wise guy
52 Prefix with peein’?
53 Bear’s hangout
54 Blaster for Etheridge
57 Islands instrument

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