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Amazon, But Not Dot Com

By |2016-04-07T09:00:00-04:00April 7th, 2016|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 With 28-Across, TV series with explicit lesbian content that NBC hopes to reboot
5 With 62-Across, actress of this puzzle’s theme
10 With 64-Across, actress of this puzzle’s theme
14 Club for Spencer-Devlin
15 Pisa place
16 Tennis stadium in Queens
17 Zips
18 Hot to trot
19 Tobacco wad
20 Cause lingering anxiety
22 De-balls
24 Composer Rorem
25 “The Name of the Rose” writer
27 Title for Derek Jacobi
28 See 1-Across
34 Tarzan portrayer Ron
35 Pears of a gay pair
36 Pro partner
37 Amanda of “Married…With Children”
40 Em or Mame
43 “John Brown’s Body” writer
44 Lending letters
47 Witherspoon of “Cruel Intentions”
48 Sidekick of 1-Across
51 “J. Edgar” org.
54 Moby Dick, to Ahab
55 Female flyer
58 Be deficient in
60 You wait for him to come on stage
61 Facetious “I see”
62 See 5-Across
64 See 10-Across
66 Elton John’s “You Got to Love ___”
67 Makes potent
68 Looked like Rupert Everett in “Inspector Gadget”
69 Firing point for neurons

1 Shortened street sign word
2 Wilde country
3 Pitcher who shares a name with Idol of porn
4 “Speak up!”
5 What Edith Piaf regretted
6 Place for trinkets
7 Albert to Armand, in “The Birdcage”
8 Title girl in a 1968 Turtles hit
9 Jane of a 1944 Moorehead flick
10 Milk acid
11 “My Boo” singer in drag?
12 Burn a bit
13 Bow source in “Robin Hood – Men in Tights”
21 “Big Daddy” Amin
23 Org. for your first mate
26 Von Trapp’s rank
28 Jim who wrote “MacArthur Park”
29 Protected, to seamen
30 Not closed, to Shakespeare
31 “Got a Rainbow” lyricist Gershwin
32 Frida’s half-dozen
33 Opponent of Tinkerbell
38 Gas station abbr.
39 Ollie’s partner
41 LesbiaNation.com and Gay.com
42 Born, in gay Paree
44 With thick plates
45 Like a Piper in a fairy tale
46 Puts a new bottom on
49 “Out!”
50 Tedious list
51 Clean with string
52 Painter Francis
53 “___ to bury Caesar …”
55 Impudent kid
56 Boobs or butts
57 Choreographer Bob
59 Trick joint, maybe
61 “Dark Angel” star Jessica
63 Edvard Grieg’s land (abbr.)
65 Chinese AIDS activist ___ Yan Hai

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