Casting Call Put Out for Trans Women of Color

Jason A. Michael
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The Trans Sistas of Color Project is holding an online casting call for trans women of color interested in being a part of an upcoming documentary and book project. TSOCP is looking for 35 trans women of color who are either Detroit natives or current residents of the city.
“Given the level of violence that trans women experience, compounded with the anti-trans rhetoric and trans bathroom bills popping up around the country, there is a critical need for a seismic shift in the way our sisters narratives are being told,” said John Trimble, TSOCP’s deputy director, who will act as the executive producer and director of the film project. “We recognize the enormous responsibility and challenge that comes with recording, capturing and presenting the narratives shared with us. We want to honor that responsibility by exceeding the challenge and creating this body of work that changes hearts and liberates minds.”
TSOCP is currently working on a trailer for the film to secure additional funding to complete the project. The production of the trailer is being funded by Detroit Narrative Agency’s Seed Grant Project for Moving Image Projects. The objective of the What’s T film is three part. First, to amplify, share and uplift the voices, stories, narratives and experiences of trans women of color in Detroit; second, to change the way in which trans women of color are viewed, vilified and often targeted as victims of anti-trans violence; third, to examine – through the lens of trans women of color – how micro/macro aggressions, systemic, cultural, organizational, inter/intra community oppression and violence are significant factors that show us as constant impediments and barriers to trans women of color living full lives like their non-trans, non-lgb counterparts.
“This project is near and dear to my heart because as a director of a local and national emerging trans-led organization, it’s important to shift the narrative from a position of lack and violence to a position of power and resilience,” said Bre’ Campbell, TSOCP’s executive director. “Trans women of color, especially those from the metro Detroit area, have been surviving with very limited support. [This has been the case] long before the new president was elected and will continue long after his wave of hatred and discrimination ends.”
The online casting call will continue through Jan. 31. The TSOCP will also host a private casting call event on the final day of submissions. Further information about the project will be explained and presented to the community at that time. The online casting call application can be found at For more information, email

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