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Rainbow Flag

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1 The Oscars, and others
6 “Woe ___!” (_Hamlet_)
10 Greek war deity
14 City of Lorca’s homeland
15 “The Boys in the Band,” in 1968
16 Ward of “Once and Again”
17 Official dessert of the rainbow flag?
19 Ginsberg’s “Gotcha”
20 One-named designer
21 Pennsylvania city
22 Lake site of a gay and lesbian ski week
23 Official band of the rainbow flag?
26 Heteros, on PlanetOut?
27 Brand for covering your bottom
30 List-maker Schindler
32 Home of the Buckeyes
33 “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ___”
34 “Six Feet Under” auto
37 Queen, to a dealer
39 San Francisco’s Nob ___
40 Building managers
43 Sixth notes in “Do-Re-Mi”
46 Fourth book of the OT
47 What some are doing in bed
49 “Fast,” to Leonard Bernstein
51 Follower of James Buchanan, familiarly
53 Official song of the rainbow flag?
55 Fruit desserts
57 Emma Donoghue’s country
58 Colors hair
62 “I’ve had better…”
63 Official beverage of the rainbow flag?
65 “No” to someone who is “lesbisch”
66 Bear overhead
67 Treats meat
68 Marine flyer
69 Rosie Jones supporters
70 Begins, as a Broadway play

1 Ironically straight singer Marvin
2 State with certainty
3 Gay tune
4 Claim
5 Saint, in Rio
6 Len Deighton’s “The ___ File”
7 Like Harvey Milk in 1978
8 Get by barely
9 Queer body part on TV
10 Continent of Margaret Cho’s parents
11 Official seafood entree of the rainbow flag?
12 She’s George
13 Wise guys
18 TV show with Isabelle
22 Little biker in a gay pride march
24 Cell stuff, for short
25 It hangs from your butt
27 George O’Malley, et al.
28 Birthright seller of the Bible
29 The other official song of the rainbow flag?
31 Mouth-open-wide sound
35 Sling mud at
36 Muppet pal of Rosie
38 Laurie Partridge portrayer Susan
41 Ridges on condoms
42 Trump-mocking comedy
43 Thin plates
44 “___ Comes Mary” (The Association, 1966)
45 “Reduce Speed”, on a sign
48 Bonheur’s war
50 With butts in the air?
51 Make up (for)
52 Rainbow flag designer Gilbert
54 Use a rubber
56 Timothy Daly’s sister
59 Time of “Camelot”
60 Genie portrayer Barbara
61 Abuse orally
63 Glossy gay magazine
64 Logical beginning

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