A Boy Named Sues

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1 Home, to Glenn Burke
5 Result of a sexually active Woody
9 In the center of
13 Piercing rebuke from Caesar?
14 Stink up the place
15 Barcelona boy
16 Bahrain biggie
17 Some actors have big ones
18 Bond foe
19 Peter on the piano
20 White as a ghost
21 Come slowly
22 Mother-and-son piece
24 Common stain
25 Two-footer?
28 Coal porter’s vehicles
30 Great service from Mauresmo
31 “Great balls of fire!”
33 Rowers pull them
37 Julie of “To Wong Foo …” fame
39 Prefix with town
41 Bygone pump name
42 Chance to get a hit
45 Randy’s skating partner
46 Difference between a slut and a whore?
48 Seattle’s WNBA team
50 Darrin Stevens, for one
53 Saudi Arabia neighbor
55 “Bear” that’s not a bear
56 “I’m not touching that!”
57 Not a stat to brag about
61 Icon letters
62 Taylor of “I Shot Andy Warhol”
63 Gay nightlife district London
64 McKuen and his package?
65 Shake it or break it
66 Survivor, sometimes
67 Sills’ solo
68 “A Boy Named Sue” singer Johnny
69 The late comedian Sues who was a regular on the show that appears in the circles


1 “It’s ___ real!”
2 Melissa Etheridge’s “Don’t Look ___”
3 Create a solution
4 The Continent, to Britten
5 Question about one’s group
6 Breezy competition
7 Composer Bernstein
8 Brief endorsements
9 Hans Christian of fairy tales
10 Moon of Uranus
11 Laura of “ER”
12 Some swingers
21 “The Wizard of Oz” studio
23 Think of it!
25 Cause of harm
26 Tops a cupcake
27 They touch the bottoms of believers
29 Early movie dog
32 Steffi of tennis
34 Concerning
35 Word before admiral, in the navy
36 Like a Muscle Mary who does sit-ups
38 Da Vinci signature piece
40 Words said with shame
43 Type of mockingbird?
44 Snoopy and others
47 “Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof”
49 “How Do I Live” singer Yearwood
50 “The Seven Samurai” director Kurosawa
51 Word that may follow sperm or organ
52 Tuesday, in Tours
54 Chicken cut
58 Coward of “Blithe Spirit”
59 Pet plant
60 One to blow on
62 Lake, to fifty million Frenchmen

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