Age difference should not affect relationships

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In stubbling upon this Web site, I became most intrigued by this story. (“Growing old alone: What’s Really Going On,” By Renee McCoy, originally printed Aug. 24, 2006.) I am currently seeing someone 22 years my junior. Very often there are times that I feel I am the only one in this relationship struggling with the age difference between us. She appears to be very comfortable with it. I think for the most part for me, its getting older in general that frightens me. At times I also cant believe it myself that someone that young would be attracted to someone so much older. We often run into a lot of ignorant people on a daily basis that give us the typical stares. Society in general is tough enough being a lesbian much less now looking like my partners mother! I care for her very much, and see the differences in us, but welcome them. She is my breath of fresh air. I will not allow society to dictate who I choose to be with, however overcoming my own internal obstacles on getting older just may get in the way of our happiness. I just wish that I knew other couples that I could relate to with the same questions. Enough of my rambling, again, I just wanted to thank you for the reading material that most certainly got my attention.

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