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Angel Among the Angels

By |2012-07-12T09:00:00-04:00July 12th, 2012|Entertainment|


1 Charles of “Threesome”
5 Fey feline film felon
9 Kidman’s award for “The Hours”
14 Pro foe
15 Folded fast food
16 Be intense like a queen
17 Sexual partners, to the insensitive
18 Coffee containers
19 Office aides
20 Film in which 51-Across played a tiny circus performer
23 Former netman Nastase
24 Like a virgin’s maidenhead
28 Polished one’s cockring
31 Florist’s wheels, often
33 Warhol China piece?
34 Ars ___, vita brevis
35 With 41-Across, film in which 51-Across played a fortune teller
38 Billy Bean boo-boo
39 Fraternal Order member
40 Reed in an old sitcom
41 See 35-Across
43 Beckett no-show
44 Overthrower of Bhutto
45 Leave open-mouthed
46 Peter Pan opponent
47 Agnes Moorehead role
50 Ready for surgery
51 She played Solly in “Angel”
57 “M*A*S*H” company clerk
60 Bird in a crazy simile
61 Something to think about
62 Greek edition of Oprah’s magazine?
63 Chickenhawk’s feathers
64 Greek Stoic
65 Carpenter’s rod
66 Shakespeare’s Hathaway
67 Drops the curtain on


1 Door piece
2 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
3 Without a date
4 Trying to pick up, as at a bar
5 Part of KISS
6 Caesar’s “seize”
7 Problem for skin
8 Name repeated in a Stein quote
9 When to have sex
10 Cold shower
11 Helmet add-on for TV
12 Blaster for Etheridge
13 Hi-___ graphics
21 Fabled cow owner
22 Bear, with “at”
25 Bearse of “Married … with Children”
26 Lacks the wherewithal
27 Until now
28 Tabloid fodder
29 Meddle
30 Gradual encroachment
31 Hold dear
32 Tries to get information
35 Sneaky Pie cry
36 More like Cho’s comedy
37 Award for the best costume, perhaps
42 “Serpico” author Peter
46 Hester of the A-list?
48 Kind of orange
49 Like Gomer’s Mayberry
50 Popular resort, for short
52 Alan of “The West Wing”
53 Climax time in a Gary Cooper film
54 James Dean’s “East of ___ ”
55 Extend credit
56 Mekong River country
57 Fisherman’s tool
58 Latin I word
59 Wetness on the grass

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