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by Rex Wockner

International News Briefs

A recent International News Brief said, “Police reportedly stopped a gay ‘wedding’ in Mtwapa, Kenya, on Feb. 12 after a large mob formed and threatened to stone the couple and set them on fire.” In fact, while an anti-gay mob did form at the local office of the Kenya Medical Research Institute, which treats people with HIV, and while the mob did threaten occupants of the building, some of whom were arrested, sources say that no “wedding” was planned, despite multiple reports to the contrary in Western and African mainstream media. The notion of the “wedding,” sources say, was whipped up by anti-gay clerics, anti-gay media and others to add fuel to anti-gay hysteria that is sweeping the region and has led to multiple attacks on gay people by anti-gay mobs. For a detailed look at the situation, see and

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