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Surprise, surprise: People who personally know gay folks are more likely to support marriage equality according to a recent Gallup poll.
This really isn’t news. LGBT advocates have used similar results from similar polls for years as evidence that folks need to come out of the closet.
In fact, Andrew Sullivan posted the results on his Daily Dish blog for this very reason. “If gays are really serious about marriage rights, they need to accelerate the process of coming out,” he wrote. “It’s not often that a minority group has this option – African Americans don’t. But gays, like Jews, can ‘pass,’ and by passing, we don’t even give many people the option of changing their minds and hearts by better understanding who we are, and why our relationships and families strengthen society rather than weakening it.”
Sounds sensible enough. That is, if you’re in favor of LGBT rights.
But what if you’re against them? Well if you’re Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, you pretty much tell your fellow Christians to hunker down in a compound to keep the queers away. Because if you know homosexuals you might be tempted to like them which might weaken your resolve to work against their civil rights. And that would be a horrible thing.
A prime offender, according to Cass, is Dick Cheney. “Cheney is reliably conservative on virtually every issue except homosexual marriage,” Cass writes. “This is likely as a result of the fact that he is the father of an open, practicing lesbian.”
In Cass’s world, God’s hatred for homosexuals trumps a parent’s love for a child any day. Apparently, when Mary Cheney told her daddy she was a lesbian, he should have done the Christian thing and told her, “Go fuck yourself,” which would be better than, you know, a lady.
“Who you allow into your life, and especially that of your children, really matters,” Cass writes. “The natural human tendency is to be deceived in situations when we associate with openly sinful people. Human sentimentality kicks in and biblical thinking is set aside. We rationalize and justify behaviors in people we know more than in people we don’t.”
Damn that “human sentimentality,” always getting in the way of hating the gays. And damn those gays for tricking good Christians into not hating them.
You know another word for “human sentimentality”? Compassion. And if there’s one thing Jesus was totally against it was compassion. But Jesus was totally gay for judging others as “sinful people.” In fact, there’s this awesome scene in the Bible where he ninja kicks a prostitute in the vagina. Then again, that might have been Grand Theft Auto IV.
Just remember, the trick to staying homophobically pure is to avoid homosexuals at all costs.
Have a gay coworker? Quit your job. Gay neighbor? Move. Gay teacher in your district? Home school your kids. Pride parade coming through town? Don’t even leave your house and definitely lock the doors.
Something tells me that when Cass was little he was the kid standing in the corner with his eyes covered during hide-and-seek and could never figure out why he always the first one found.

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