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Creep of the Week: Gary Glenn

By | 2006-11-23T09:00:00-05:00 November 23rd, 2006|Opinions|

Is your boss a jerk? Are you self-conscious in social situations? Does it burn when you urinate?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can safely blame the Lansing Human Rights Ordinance. Or at least American Family Association of Michigan head Gary Glenn could probably find a way to.
Glenn, more or less a one-man anti-gay band, has his underwear in a bunch over a proposed ordinance in Lansing that would (gasp!) protect gays, lesbians and transgender folks from discrimination. Somebody stop them! Don’t they realize what dangerous, uncharted territory this kind of ordinance is?
OK, it’s true that many cities already have similar ordinances – including Detroit, Ferndale, Huntington Woods and Grand Rapids – and the ground hasn’t torn open and sucked their citizens and municipal buildings into a flaming pit of hell. But still, who is to say it won’t happen in Lansing? I mean, once gays are treated with dignity, all earthly bets are off, right?
Well, no. But that doesn’t stop Glenn from calling the ordinance “discriminatory and dangerous” in an email to AFA Michigan supporters.
Included in Glenn’s “talking points” is the claim that this ordinance isn’t needed because “Individuals who engage in homosexual behavior and cross-dressing already have all the same rights provided to all Americans by the Constitution and federal, state, and local law.”
Except, and here’s the funny part, discrimination against LGBT folks is totally legal in Michigan. If your boss doesn’t like the fact that you’re a big nelly queer, she can fire you. If your landlord doesn’t like your dyke-kissing ass, he can evict you. No foolin’.
Of course, in Glenn’s world, that’s the way it should be. Discrimination against LGBT folks is a religious right. It’s God’s way – or at least the God Glenn and his ilk choose to believe in.
Oh, and the “cross-dressers” Glenn refers to above are transgendered. Judging from the tone of Glenn’s email alert, trans folks are the AFA’s new boogeyman. Guess gays and lesbians are getting a little too tame for him.
“Are you comfortable with your mother, wife, daughter, or granddaughter being forced to share public restroom, locker room, and shower facilities with men who are so mentally or emotionally disturbed that they’ve had themselves surgically altered to be officially recognized by the state as a ‘female’?” Glenn asks in his email.
Um, no, I’m not comfortable with the idea of anyone being forced to share a shower with a “mentally disturbed” person, regardless of that person’s gender. But the Lansing ordinance does not mandate public bathing with the insane. It merely seeks to protect LGBT folks from basic discrimination.
And who the hell is Glenn to claim that all transgender people are “mentally disturbed” anyway? You know what’s mentally disturbed in my opinion? Obsessing about and fearing homosexuality the way Glenn does. It’s as if he wakes every morning thinking, “Must… stop… the… queers.”
Dude. Get a life. Or, as you call it, a lifestyle.

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