Fostering Age Reversal

1 Six feet under
5 Beginning of "Wicked"
9 Foster
14 Art Deco name
15 "Brothers & Sisters" matriarch
16 Ketchup catcher
17 Palindromic time
18 Like a muscle Mary's waist
19 George of "The Gay Sisters"
20 Start of a quote from 9-Across
23 River of Flanders
24 Blair, who kissed Gellar
25 "West ___ Story"
27 Away from NNW
28 Wood and more
29 It's a snap
32 Bergen of "Murphy Brown"
34 Khartoum's country
36 They serve dictators
37 More of the quote
41 Potent opening
42 "Fortune and Menís Eyes" writer John
43 Fashion designer Pucci
45 Hospital work
46 "Brokeback Mountain" grazing area
49 Karen Walker, perhaps
50 Michael Jackson hit
52 Richard Chamberlain's "The ___ Birds"
54 End of the quote
59 Look from Snidely Whiplash
61 Iroquoian language
62 Jessica of "The Illusionist"
63 Chef Des Jardins
64 Long-jawed swimmers
65 Pasolini's bone
66 Hooded jacket
67 Sapphic poems
68 Where movies are made

1 Poet Levertov
2 Ate away at
3 Pacific formations
4 Blue material, but not porn
5 Pay your share, with "up"
6 Bud of "Harold and Maude"
7 Threesomes
8 Like Shakespeare's feet
9 Short punch
10 "Aida," to Gomer?
11 Salad topper
12 Dramatist Eugene
13 Feniger's main dishes
21 On the fritz
22 He played Lou Grant for MTM
26 Whole shebang
30 "My own private" state resident?
31 Colette's coffee
33 Result of getting rear-ended
34 The good earth
35 Undercover crack investigator
37 Lesbian couple in "Bambi"?
38 Some biathlon gear
39 Sweaters and such
40 Org. for rim jobs?
44 Peninsula where the rain falls mainly on the plain
46 Thelma's lady friend
47 "The Importance of Being ___"
48 The Jets, to the Sharks
51 Frida's husband
53 Penniless persons
55 "Doggone!"
56 NG: New alum
57 Emerald isle
58 Madonna in "Dick Tracy"
59 Motor fuel additive
60 Org. that likes to shoot off

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