Gays file complaint against Canadian health care system

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by Rex Wockner

Six gay people from across Canada have filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission charging that government health agencies are ignoring GLBT health issues that have been highlighted in government-funded reports, Toronto’s Xtra! reported.
“Over the past 10 years (Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada) have contracted with experts on gay, lesbian, bisexual health to produce studies on the many health issues that are endemic to our community and ask for recommendations how to address those issues,” said Gens Hellquist, one of the complainants and executive director of the Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition. “To date none of those reports have been acted on and none of the numerous recommendations have been acted upon.”
The reports have addressed gay health issues such as lower life expectancy, suicide, substance abuse, depression, poor HIV care and anal and breast cancer.

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