Going Either Way

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1 Lickety-split
5 Places where the salami isn’t hidden
10 Fruit of the ___
14 Magazine magnate Henry
15 Like Emma Donoghue
16 Dave Pallone and others
17 Up to snuff
18 With 61-Across, she plays Annalise Keating on “How to Get Away With Murder”
19 Pick up
20 She played Jules in “The Kids Are All Right”
23 Albee for short, et al.
24 Ariana Grande to Frankie
25 To be, in Toulon
27 The color purple, for example
30 Use your hands instead of your mouth
33 “Reduce Speed”, on a sign
34 Oral secretion
37 Cheerleader’s shout
39 “Summer and Smoke” heroine
41 Muse for Millay
42 Sally on “Brothers & Sisters”
43 Story teller
44 Place where you go straight
45 Like a 90-pound weakling
46 “Rainbows Reign!” and more
48 Elton John collaborator Taupin
50 From ___ Z
51 “Ay, there’s the ___” (“Hamlet”)
53 Neighbor of Leb.
54 Divided terr.
55 She plays Callie Torres on “Grey’s Anatomy”
59 Pleasure orally
61 See 18-Across
62 Young women who have balls
65 Julia of “Kiss of the Spider Woman”
66 Turn inside out
67 Phantom of the Opera name
68 Cleo told them “Bite me!”
69 Uncool crowd
70 Sticking in your proboscis

1 Home state of J. Nabors
2 Part of a sentence (abbr.)
3 Sometime defender of gay rights
4 Someone who strips?
5 Madonna and Mariah
6 St. Patrick’s land
7 Nala or Simba
8 Lesbos, for one
9 Pillow covers
10 Landau’s “Ed Wood” role
11 Poet Khayy·m
12 Early role for “A Beautiful Mind” director
13 Co. with a butterfly logo
21 Date for Nero
22 River in the land of Colette
25 Director Stephen
26 Words on many Warhol canvases
27 Put in a position?
28 Place for Young men?
29 Jazz singer James
31 Memorial with Mychal Judge’s name
32 Realm of C.S. Lewis
33 With 38-Down, she played the title role in “Frida”
35 Won over
36 ACT UP members, e.g.
38 See 33-Down
40 What Michelangelo put out
42 PBS relative
47 Bruin Bobby
49 Pull a boner
52 Cry at La Scala
53 Trump look, when mocking sexual assault victims
56 Leather pokers
57 State with certainty
58 Genie portrayer Barbara
59 Two cups of suntan spoiler
60 Article written by Frida
63 The four characters in this puzzle’s theme
64 Where to see two bears at night



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