He Does a Lot

1 Shirley MacLaine's la Douce role
5 Rabble, for short
9 Bad bottom-line news
13 Cleans, as a pirate ship deck
15 NCAA home of the Bruins
16 Baseball great Hershiser
17 Home of the Nationals, team of 34-Across
19 Big name in TV talk
20 Scrambles, perhaps
21 34-Across spoke out against this type of slur
23 Is nuts over
24 Reason for extra innings
25 Land of O. Wilde
26 Informer
27 "Rhoda" production co.
29 College setting
31 Hymn to a Greek god
33 Mouthful for a stallion
34 Pitcher for the World Series Champions Nationals
39 Big top barker
40 Type of salami you can put in your hero
41 Airport areas
45 1040 ID
46 Nutty ___ fruitcake
49 Old org. of tight ends
50 Gaza Stripper assn.
51 Bridal paths
53 Type of flag that 34-Across has worn on his cleats
55 Part of L.A.
56 Parker of "South Park"
57 Where 34-Across refused to go because of homophobe Trump
59 "Not that I loved Caesar ___… "
60 Western defense gp.
61 Shroud site
62 "Ziegfeld Follies" costume designer
63 Brady Bunch prefix
64 Fasting time

1 "Hell's bells!"
2 Kigali's land
3 Maddie, to the New York Liberty
4 Can't bear
5 Toupees, e.g.
6 ___ UP
7 Gay pride parade vehicles
8 "Fried Green Tomatoes" writer Flagg
9 Petty of "Orange Is the New Black"
10 Copy source
11 Split
12 Buffy, and others
14 Band member
18 Placed one inside another
22 Word after pro
28 Warhol subject
30 Tiny amount
31 You might get dates from it
32 Yule drink
34 Pirate, for one
35 At the crack of dawn, maybe
36 _ ___ Miz_
37 Out of whack, off, etc.
38 _West Side Story_ tune
39 Scare the pants off of
42 NYPD notice
43 "Send in the ___"
44 "Big deal!"
46 Sexy quality
47 Greets and seats
48 Thumbs-up
52 Asian capital
54 NASDAQ rival
55 Straddling
58 Sodom suffix


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