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Hold That Thought

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1 Chain with fruit syrups
5 Guy who cheats on his boyfriend, e.g.
8 Billy Budd, for one
14 Loose cannon
16 Cause of chaotic weather
17 Oz city shades
18 Some housewarming gifts
19 Start of a line from a Whitney Houston song
21 Bears org.
22 Worship service, for Malcolm Boyd
23 Says a word to Mary
27 Lover that you can’t get over
29 Have fun with the Kneelers
32 Out, at the library
34 Title for French ladies
38 More of the line
40 Tolerate homophobe Robertson?
41 Gracefully slender
42 Little bit
43 Copies of a feminist mag.
45 That is, to Cicero
46 Site of a Lara Croft raid
49 Was out in front
51 End of the line
57 Stew slowly
58 Service later in the day
60 Bore that isn’t penetrating
61 Corsage favorite
62 Be too single-minded
63 It’s over your head
64 Hoarse sound

1 Land of writer E. Donoghue
2 Prefix with sphere
3 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
4 Roz portrayer on “Frasier”
5 Ariz. neighbor
6 Crackhead, e.g.
7 Ball lover
8 Old photo color
9 Fashion designer Perry
10 Lover of Henry and June
11 Skimpy skirt
12 “No” voter
13 “I have a headache” and “Not tonight, honey”
15 Challenged
20 Philip Johnson contemporary
23 Get up
24 Antigay crusader Bryant
25 Story of Greeks that busted some Trojans
26 Pork purchase
28 Doesn’t use
29 Word from Tom Bianchi, perhaps
30 Salmon that has spawned
31 Place to stop when cruising
33 Tuck’s partner
35 Liza, to Lorna
36 Stockholder’s bonus
37 Blown away
39 Shakespeare’s feet
44 Eastern European language
46 Wrap it around your package
47 Sites for dates
48 Powers portrayer
50 Sondheim’s “___ Day a Little Death”
51 Mubarak, for one
52 Actor Jude and family
53 Staying power, in “Variety”
54 Belgian river
55 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin
56 United, to Vivien
57 “Liquor not provided” letters
59 Noticeable opening, with The

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