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NY’s New Law

By |2011-07-28T09:00:00-04:00July 28th, 2011|Entertainment|


1 Gossip from Ted Casablanca, e.g.
5 Radar images
10 Asks from one’s knees
14 Word used in dating
15 All fired up
16 Go on and on
17 Muse to John Boswell
18 AZT, et al.
19 Morales of “Resurrection Blvd.”
20 Start of a message about NY’s new law
22 Batman portrayer Kilmer
23 More of the message
24 Leave open-mouthed
25 Rio beach of song
28 Oohs’ partners
29 End of the message
31 Early release
34 Family of R.E.M.’s Michael
38 Humped antelope
39 Cruising area
42 Celebrity outing, perhaps
43 Jockey’s gear
44 Shut out
46 Suffix with differ
47 Request to Sajak
48 Venue of the message
50 Bears’ home, briefly
51 Prostitute, to Baudelaire?
53 Like hands with roamin’ fingers?
55 Celeb who sent the message
59 Gumbo veggie
60 Gay parade center?
61 Neeson of “Kinsey”
63 Bone separator in the back
64 Digital dealings
65 Drops the curtain on
66 Ready for service
67 Max and Albert, to Nathan
68 “The multitudinous ___ incarnadine” (Shakespeare)


1 Country house, to Nureyev
2 Mother of the bride, to the other bride
3 Shoot off unseen
4 Goal for Sheryl Swoopes
5 ___ death (loss of interest)
6 Future flies
7 Nocturnal reptile of Tennessee
8 It extends from a pirate’s crotch
9 AARP members
10 La ___ Tar Pits
11 2010 flick that references “The Scarlet Letter”
12 Grind one’s teeth
13 Follows a direction from The Naked Chef
21 Triangle sign
23 Walking styles
26 Start of mature ejaculation
27 Rainey and Kettle
29 Goose sound
30 Commercial time of day
31 Piece of a pansy
32 He played Grace’s dad
33 A real stud
35 Cho delivery
36 Where Christian Chavez rolls up his meat?
37 Writer Gertrude
39 Do the moguls
40 Had partners, with “out”
41 Tiny toiler
44 Janitor’s tool
45 Debris from cornholing?
48 Bi plus mono
49 Score for Glenn Burke
52 Honshu port
54 Palindromic tennis star
56 “Here ___ go?”
57 Prepare for phone sex
58 Comic strip dog
59 Auberjonois on “Deep Space Nine”
62 Workloads for eds.

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