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Oscar, But Not an Award

By |2018-07-11T15:58:34-04:00July 11th, 2018|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 “Rocky Horror Picture Show” following, e.g.
5 Cruising areas
9 Suitcases
13 Area east of the Urals
14 Grace, or will to be diplomatic
15 Come out
16 Swarm
17 Tennis stadium in Queens
18 Italian sports car, briefly
19 Actor currently directing and playing the title role in a movie about Oscar
22 Sex-toy batteries
23 One who wears very little clothing
24 Put it in a stallion’s mouth
27 What you must remember, as time goes by
30 Queen bee’s mate
34 From the top
36 Cole Porter’s “___ Gigolo”
37 Transnational money
38 Pictures from the movie about Oscar?
41 GLAMA award, e.g.
42 Old Spanish queen
43 Went lickety-split
44 Panache
45 Bad bottom-line news
47 St. of the Cathedral of Hope
48 Print measures
50 Long sandwich, for short
52 Steppenwolf song about Oscar?
59 Melville novel about a mutiny
60 On top of that
61 Lubricates
63 Avoid premature ejaculation
64 Serengeti sound
65 Kind of child
66 Family diagram
67 Macho man
68 “Coming of Age in Samoa” author

1 Roof animal of Tennessee
2 Visitor at lesbianation.com
3 In ___ of
4 Home of the Buccaneers
5 Patrick Stewart’s Enterprise, for one
6 Over and done
7 Masseuse’s target
8 Carell, who played Bobby Riggs in “Battle of the Sexes”
9 Hairy gay guy, redundantly?
10 Trucker’s rod
11 Present
12 Online exaggeration, perhaps
20 Enjoy Stephen Pyles
21 Church leader
24 Gathering places for Gaius Julius
25 Words before water or pursuit
26 Opening for a bopper?
28 Push forward
29 Larry Kramer’s “Just ___ ”
31 Phrase from Ripley
32 Cathedral word in gay Paree
33 Flynn role opposite Davis
35 Circle on a Bernstein’s staff
39 “___ we a pair?”
40 Durable 1960s game show
46 Word before generis
49 Flies like an eagle
51 Emulate a pansy
52 Make a break for it
53 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” co-star
54 Name repeated in a Stein quote
55 Rorschach stain
56 Biblical birthright seller
57 Wine partner
58 Enchanted Disney character
62 “Providence” lead role

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