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Oscar Speech

By |2011-08-18T09:00:00-04:00August 18th, 2011|Entertainment|


1 They get laid only once
5 Flat tops
10 Barneys event
14 Hide a mike on
15 Off to one side
16 What Israelis may shoot off
17 Artist Schiele
18 Shaft worker
19 Swallow eagerly
20 Start of a quip by Oscar Levant
23 B&O and others
24 Words before about
25 Posed for Annie Leibovitz
28 Peters out
31 Run like a stud
35 More of the quip
38 Green stuff
39 In a lazy way
40 Where Franklin, Winston, and Josef had a threesome
42 With mouth wide open
43 “… a ___ deferred” (Hughes)
45 More of the quip..
47 Three couples in bed?
49 Clothing closure
50 Old protest org.
51 Scroll at Beth Chayim Chadashim
53 Cause for overtime
55 End of the quip
61 Request from one’s knees
62 Injures with a horn
63 Hit with hand motions
65 Serengeti sound
66 Totally absurd
67 Terrific, in slang
68 Cry of one in bondage
69 Boston ball handlers, briefly
70 Went lickety-split


1 Meadow mama
2 Colette’s Parisian heroine
3 Pirate drink
4 Madrid mister
5 Wuss
6 Larger-than-life
7 Went down
8 Playground retort
9 Like a muscle Mary
10 Rio’s mountain
11 France’s Cote d’___
12 Composer Boulanger
13 Medium skill
21 Practiced heterosexuality
22 Head given in a bar
25 Loses traction
26 “Corydon” author Gide
27 Old message sender
29 Davis of “Querelle”
30 Eliot’s Marner
32 HRC’s equal sign, and others
33 Supplication start
34 Knights’ attendants
36 He shot off at the OK Corral
37 Eye problem
41 Barbed barricades
44 Sneaky Pie cry
46 Islamic leader
48 Like Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”
52 In harmony
54 “Aida” setting
55 Fruit flavor for gin
56 Emulate Dr. George O’Malley
57 Russian inland sea
58 Blowhole
59 Point of view intro, at Gay.com
60 Home st. of Maupin
61 Ask too many questions
64 Absorbed, as a loss

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