Out Night returns to Ann Arbor Film Festival

Out Night returns to the 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival, North America's longest-running independent and experimental film festival, in the Michigan Theater's main auditorium at 9:30 p.m. March 28. This year's Out Night – the 11th of its kind – celebrates historic and influential LGBTQ films, featuring trailblazing lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer in person.
Hammer has created some of the first lesbian-made and LGBT-themed films in history, such as "Dyketactics" and "Women I Love." Many of her films deal with gender roles, lesbian relationships and coping with aging and family. Hammer comes to AAFF fresh off a month-long retrospective of her films at the Tate Modern in London.
Along with screenings of some of Hammer's greatest films, Out Night will feature Tina Takemoto's "Looking for Jiro" (2011); Ira Sach's "Lady" (1994); Mike Hoolboom's "Frank's Cock" (1993) and Jose Rodriguez-Soltero's "Jerovi" (1965). Soltero's film was screened at the third AAFF in 1965 and created such controversy that the University of Michigan nearly fired AAFF founder George Manupelli.
Out Night continues into the evening with an after party at Braun Court's SHaut and autBAR at 11 p.m. with complimentary appetizers and fire pits in the courtyard.
Ann Arbor Film Festival runs March 27-April 1 throughout various venues in downtown Ann Arbor.
AAFF also will feature two queer filmmakers during Films In Competition 11 at 1 p.m. April 1 at the Michigan Theater: George Kuchar's "Hold Me While I'm Naked" and Bobby Abate's "The Evil Eyes".
For more information, visit or call 734-995-5356.

Film Synopses

Out Night with Barbara Hammer
9:30 p.m. March 28
Michigan Theater
Barbara Hammer, 1974, 4 minutes
First film made by an openly lesbian American filmmaker to explore lesbian identity, desire and sexuality through avant-garde strategies.

Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, 1965, 11 minutes
A sexual probe of the Narcissus myth, Jerovi departs from earlier experimental work by Cocteau, Curtis Harrington, Willard Maas and others, which drew upon the Narcissus myth to explore the filmmakers' Freudian unconscious and homosexual desire.

Frank's Cock
Mike Hoolboom, 1993, 8 minutes
"A man talks about his friend Frank in a bold, funny, moving monologue about being born, living, fucking and dying as a gay man." – Sandra Cunningham, Toronto International Festival

Ira Sachs, 1994, 28 minutes
A portrait film of a purposefully unsettling kind, starring Dominique Dibbell of "The Five Lesbian Brothers." The exact identity of the redhead at the center of Lady is impossible to pin down. Is she a woman playing a man playing a woman, or more specifically, a lesbian playing a gay man playing a heterosexual woman? This purposeful ambiguity invites the audience to question the blurred parameters of sexuality, desire, and female identity.

Looking for Jiro
Tina Takemoto, 2011, 6 minutes
A queer meditation on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, this musical mash-up video features drag king performance, U.S. war propaganda footage, muscle building and homoerotic bread making.

Films in Competition 11
1 p.m. April 1
Michigan Theater
'Hold Me While I'm Naked'
George Kuchard, 1966, 15 minutes
A direct and subtle, sad and funny look at nothing more or less than sexual frustration and aloneness.

The Evil Eyes
Bobby Abate, 2011, 20 minutes
An homage to the death of the soap opera, "The Evil Eyesis" is a 1960s era story of a grandmother faced with her mortality, a mother in mid-life crisis, and a son realizing his sexuality.

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