Queer cinema

Dear BTL,
As always, I enjoy reading the weekly column by John Corvino, including his most recent, "The Brokeback Buzz" (from the Dec. 22 issue of BTL). I, too, would encourage everyone to dig out your copy of "Torch Song Trilogy" or make the investment to purchase this great film, now on DVD. In fact, I'd encourage everyone also to see "Brokeback Mountain" director Ang Lee's first gay film, "The Wedding Banquet." This comedy-drama is my second place favorite in Queer Cinema. It is about a gay Chinese man who has to make the choice between his gay relationship or his traditional Chinese culture. His parents are coming to visit from China, except that they're bringing the bride! Does he choose to have a heterosexual marriage or come to terms with his family about his gay relationship? Check it out!
"Brokeback Mountain" is a brilliant and moving film. I was absorbed in the lives of both men and their struggle to understand their own life, social expectations and emotional attachment. In fact, I have met men who have lived this difficult story. This film was more of a reality on life and less a political and social message. It's about allowing yourself to just love the one who loves in return… without regrets or shame.
So, if you haven't seen any of these above-mentioned films…GO! If you have, now is time for a Rewind Film Festival!
Michael C. Lary,
Royal Oak

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