Remembering 9-11


1 With 49-Across, gay hero of 9-11
5 Part of a club name
10 Speed meas. of a Johnny Mathis record
13 Soon, long ago
14 Leader of men in tights
16 Oscar-night transport
17 Condoms, slangily
18 Most like sexy undies
20 Robin Williams' home, in "Aladdin"
21 Left-wingers, of old
22 Prepared for questioning
25 Gauche
27 Hepburn of "The Children's Hour"
28 Jerky meat
29 Dry as a bone
31 U-turn from NNW
32 Last journey of 1-Across
36 Venom source
39 Errol Flynn's "The Sun ___ Rises"
40 Bridal party
44 Loads of ships
46 Audit
49 See 1-Across
51 Place for a light meal
52 Horse that isn't hung
53 Tools used on the can
55 Cleopatra's queendom
57 Not using the tongue
59 Some eat it semi-firm
60 James Dean's "East of ___ "
61 Shed tears
62 Mother-and-son piece
63 Overly brainy sort


1 Baudelaire's "Fleurs du ___ "
2 Dye ingredient
3 Lesbian pulp novel, perhaps
4 Cheap imitation
5 Take into custody
6 Wear the disguise of
7 Parting words
8 Part of a pink lady
9 Tickled pink
10 Gadabouts
11 Deep-dish entrees
12 L. Cruz and C. Torres, on "Grey's Anatomy"
15 Squirrel away
19 Note to be paid
21 Bar in the homeland of Elton John
23 Hold one's horses
24 "Men Behaving Badly" writer Simon
26 Fag ___ (women with gay friends)
30 P's pronounced like R's
33 Get slick in the shower
34 Ingrid's role in "Casablanca"
35 Trio that went to see Mary
36 Mil. jet locale
37 More disreputable
38 Illegal use of hands, to Kopay
41 Gate-crash
42 "A Room with a View" author
43 Rocker Brian
45 Wading bird
47 Peninsula where the rain falls mainly on the plain
48 What a man may be made of, in Oz
50 Oscar nominee, perhaps
54 House opener?
55 Bears org.
56 Here, to Colette
58 Put a halt to

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